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Foederis provides a comprehensive SaaS HR system that focuses on talent management. Foederis’ customizable platform covers your organization from recruitment and onboarding to all core HR and talent management needs. With greater insight into your organization’s human capital, Foederis helps you optimize your workforce. Since 1998, Foederis has helped companies manage their talent to keep pace with all of the disruptive challenges faced by modern companies.

Once connected to HelloID, your HR information in Foederis drives your automated provisioning and identity management processes. Foederis’ fields and variables are linked to HelloID through its configurable attribute mapper. HelloID syncs with Foederis’ data and manages account provisioning and updates for all other connected resources accordingly.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

HelloID leverages your data management processes in Foederis to achieve more without extra effort. Your HR staff enters new or updated information within Foederis as normal, and HelloID automatically detects these changes. Detected changes trigger your organization’s configured HelloID provisioning and management processes. All processes are automatic, consistent, and logged.

HelloID creates accounts, adds group memberships, and specifies permissions for new employees once they are entered into Foederis. Whenever HR updates an employee’s role or their other linked attributes, HelloID processes the changes and adjusts their accounts and access to ensure everything remains up-to-date. Provisioning processes for existing employees will also remove any accounts and access no longer relevant to the user’s job responsibilities. When an employee departs, HR merely changes their status in Foederis, and HelloID automatically executes all configured offboarding processes.

Connecting Foederis to HelloID leverages your existing HR processes and data to achieve fully automated provisioning and attribute-based access control. Identity management has never been as quick or easy.

Service Automation for User Self-Service

In many organizations, employees often have provisioning needs that fall outside standard configurations for their roles and attributes. HelloID’s Service Automation module provides extensive and configurable self-service for users to make access requests directly from their personalized dashboard. If a request is approved by the resource’s associated “Product Owner,” HelloID automatically processes all changes and provisioning needs.

With the connection to HelloID, “Product Owners” may be assigned based on their attributes synced from Foederis. Examples of these attributes would be position or contract data specifying whether the user is a department head, manager, or team leader.