Connector ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is an all-in-one, cloud-based HR platform for managing people, payroll, time, talent, and benefits. Through a connection with HelloID, the HR information in ADP Workforce Now provides your organization with the perfect foundation of data to fully automate identity management.

HelloID provides an attribute mapper to sync with ADP Workforce Now’s data. The attribute mapper’s configuration links identity data from ADP Workforce Now’s fields and variables to HelloID.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

HR remains responsible for adding and updating information in ADP Workforce Now. HelloID detects changes in the HR system via the connector. Detected changes trigger processes that update users and their access to connected IT resources according to your configurations. Processes are automatic, consistent, and logged—reclaiming significant IT staff bandwidth.

For new users in ADP Workforce Now, HelloID automatically provisions accounts, group memberships, and permissions. HelloID processes changes made to existing users in the HR system to ensure everything remains up-to-date. When an employee departs, HR changes their ADP Workforce Now status and HelloID swiftly deactivates accounts and revokes access.

By leveraging ADP Workforce Now’s data for every employee, automated attribute-based access control has never been as quick or easy.

Integrated Onboarding: Account Claiming

In addition to HelloID’s automatic provisioning, Tools4ever provides an “Account Claiming” module via SSRPM (Self-Service Reset Password Manager) for secure onboarding. Because the Account Claiming module “bolts on” to any existing processes, your organization can further enhance the security of ADP Workforce Now’s native onboarding functionality without adding any management or user experience complications.

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Service Automation for User Self-Service

Outside of standard provisioning configurations, users may access HelloID’s Service Automation module to request access to additional resources from their dashboard. If approved by the associated “Product Owner”, HelloID processes all changes and provisioning needs.

With HelloID connected to ADP Workforce Now, “Product Owners” may be assigned based on their attributes synced from the HR System. Examples of these attributes would be position or contract data that specify department heads, managers, or team leaders.

Access Management: Single Sign-On (SSO)

ADP Workforce Now provides your employees with a range of self-service functionality, such as submitting timesheets and requesting PTO. By connecting to HelloID and enabling single sign-on, your users can seamlessly and securely access the ADP Workforce Now app. Once logged into HelloID, users merely click the ADP Workforce Now icon located on their personalized dashboard.

HelloID enables SSO access to ADP Workforce Now via SAML. As with all HelloID’s other SSO connections, multifactor authentication (MFA) may be applied at the portal or individual application levels for additional security.

Additional Connector Information

For information on how to connect ADP Workforce Now to HelloID and enable SSO, please refer to the HelloID Docs site:

For additional information on the ADP Workforce Now connector, please refer to the following GitHub link: