Why SSO? Four Simple Ways SSO is Beneficial

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With so many passwords to remember today, the answers are abundant:

Single Sign-On solutions (SSO) have been around for a while now, and for good reason. They are extremely helpful for many areas of your organization and require minimal effort to implement and use. Here are four ways that SSO is benefits organizations:

1. Single Sign-On helps end users
There is actually a term called password fatigue. This is the feeling expressed by users required to remember an excessive number of passwords as part of their daily life. Password fatigue is also known as password chaos or identity chaos. Implementing a Single sign-on solution can help mitigate these problems by requiring users to remember just one password. With one password to remember, a user can easily create and remember a unique and secure password, with no need to write it down. SSO reduces password fatigue, eliminates stress, and can make the end user more efficient and better suited to tackle the workday/school day.

2. Single Sign-On helps Administrators
Less passwords to remember equals less calls to the helpdesk, resulting in more time to spend on other tasks for both the end user and the administrator. Admins are also susceptible to password fatigue. Those tasked with constantly resetting end user passwords can end up with lower morale and higher turnover.

3. Single Sign-On increases security
Password fatigue can encourage users to implement unsecure password habits, such as writing passwords down or using simple passwords which can be extremely vulnerable to hacking.

4. Single Sign-On helps with compliance
Organizations governed by HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations can also benefit from single sign-on. SSO helps organizations increase control over the user’s access to certain information as well as easily enforce password change policies.

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