How a successful password management solution would look in your organization

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I want you to close your eyes for a moment…  Well obviously you can’t close your eyes and read this, so keep them open; but imagine a world where your email inbox alerts come in sparingly, your chat box rarely pings, and the phone almost never rings… (Except for Gary down the hall, wanting to know what your plans are for lunch today.) Paradise right? This is what a successful password management system would look like in your organization.  In this dreamy world, you can spend your time and resources using your IT skills instead of the monotonous task of resetting passwords over and over again. That server you’ve been meaning to stand up for months – DONE.  That code you’ve been meaning to write – DONE. That SSO demo you’ve been meaning to schedule – yep, you have time for that now too.  (And yes, we have a solution for that too.)

To the end user, a different tale.  For them, it’s never having to contact the helpdesk for the embarrassing, “I forgot my password again” cry for help. It means they are always connected, always productive.  Never having to rely on someone else, or worse, wait for helpdesk hours, to reset their password.

They simply click “forgot my password”, answer the pre-defined security questions they chose, or the questions that were assigned to them when they were auto enrolled.  (Side note: Auto Enrollment is extremely popular for education customers as it offers a quick and easy way to enroll the entire student population.)  Perhaps you require Two Factor Authentication where a PIN code is sent via SMS or alt email is entered, (this is up to you).  The user resets their password and continue about their business, like it never even happened!

They are back to work within minutes, from anywhere, at any time.  No more calls to the helpdesk, no more wasted down time.

It’s a WIN-WIN for the Helpdesk and the End User!

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