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Where do you physically work? In an office? At home? At a table in your local coffee shop? It is becoming more common for employers to allow their employees to work outside the traditional office space. With the use of laptops, tablets and mobile devices there is little reason for an employee to be at their office desk in order to get all of their work completed.

However, this expansion of work outside the office has brought with it some issues. Employers must ensure that employees have access to all applications they need to fulfill their job and that the data is being accessed securely. With the ever-increasing threat of data breaches, the security of company information is of the upmost importance. The question becomes, is it possible for employees to access company applications securely? The answer is yes, with Tools4ever’s Identity-as-a-Service Solution, HelloID.

HelloID, is a web based Single Sign-On Solution that allows employees to quickly and easily login to a portal and have access to all their applications. The user’s view of the portal will only show them applications that they are permitted to access. Users can access this portal from anywhere at any time, on any device – all they need is an internet connection.

IT administrators have control over the portal and are able to configure the portal’s settings to enhance security measures. For example, administrators decide how the end-user authenticates to the portal and the method can vary on an individual or group level. The authentication method can also be modified to allow for a PIN code to be delivered via email or SMS for a second factor of authentication. This PIN code adds an extra layer of security before a user can enter the portal. IT administrators can also limit the time of day the portal is accessed and put a boundary on the location of the login to safeguard against any unauthorized access. Most importantly, when a user leaves the organization they can be deactivated from the portal without them ever having known individual credentials for each application; and so access is easily and safely revoked for all apps with one click, preventing data breach.

In addition to enhanced security for the organization, the end-user experience is greatly improved with the implementation of HelloID. The end-user no longer has to remember the URL, login and password for each application, as they are all in one centralized location. They can access all of their authorized applications from any device that is connected to the internet. This is especially useful for mobile employees who may need to gain access from home, an airport or a hotel.

With the use of HelloID, end-users are more productive and security for the company is greatly enhanced.

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