SSO for Healthcare: The Benefits

You may have heard about SSO, but do you know exactly what it is and how it can benefit the healthcare industry?

SSO, or Single Sign-On is software which allows end users to login using one single set of credentials. This eliminates the need to remember several set of credentials for each system and application clinicians need to access in order to do their job. Clinicians simply enter their credentials a single time into the network and thereafter each time an application or system is launched they are automatically signed in and authenticated without having to enter anything additional.

I use it at work and no matter what terminal I use I can have access to all of my applications just by logging into my network account; that’s fantastic.

That being said, the real value of E-SSOM isn’t within the walls of my office it’s within an environment that uses smart or proximity cards, biometric access, etc.  The companies that employ those methods of authentication (typically hospitals) can truly access “fast user switching” which allows users to log on and off from public computers quickly.  No longer do shared terminals need a generic account; no longer do doctors and nurses have to wait anywhere from 2-10 minutes for a login to occur.  Swipe your card, press your finger or look into the camera and you’re ready to start accessing data within 10 seconds.  This not only benefits the clinician, but also increases the care which the patient receives.

Imagine for example, that you login 20 times a day.  What could you do with an extra 40-200 minutes?  Could you see more patients, could you spend more time with the ones you already have, could you have your paperwork completed before you leave for the day or even just enjoy the one extra cup of coffee without choking it down?  Time is power, time is money.  E-SSOM by Tools4ever gives you both in spades.

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