Helpdesks Receive More Than 100 Calls Per Week. How Can This Number Be Reduced?

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It is no secret that helpdesks are overwhelmed, often by mundane and repeated tasks that can, or should, be automated. According to recent survey, IT and help desk employees often are required to address an overwhelming number of calls each day. On average a help desk receives more than 100 calls a week!

So how can this number be easily reduced?

Complex password are often required by many organization, and are many times the cause of most calls to the helpdesk. End users have a difficult time remembering a large number of complex passwords which leads them to frequently need to contact the help desk to reset their passwords.

Organizational help desks can save a great deal of time if end users could reset their own passwords. These IT solutions, allow end-users the ability to reset their password on the basis of a number of simple, predefined questions, commonly accessed through a “forgot my password” button on their profile setting, which they use to provide answers to a series of security questions. This allows the end users to proactively solve their own password issues without needing to contact the helpdesk who needs to do it for them.

Employees and employers both can reap the benefits and time savings associated with such automated solutions when it comes to forgotten passwords. While password resets are one of the easiest IT tasks to manage, they also are one of the most distracting and time-consuming tasks IT professionals face.

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