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Account provisioning has become increasingly complex over the years. Due to limited IT budgets and over worked staff, it could take days or even weeks for a new employee to have the full access they need to critical internal systems. This can be extremely frustrating for the end user and can cost businesses time and money. Account de-provisioning is equally as important, since it can be dangerous for ex-employees to have rights to classified information and internal documents.

Most of the provisioning process is done by manual entry or scripting, which can be time intensive. Account provisioning is rarely on the top of the priority list, which can lead to a particularly long wait for a user to be created or removed from every necessary system. Majority of the time communication regarding user accounts is verbal, this can lead to a lack of accountability and general human error. Users can be placed in wrong access groups and names are often spelled incorrectly.

Automating user management tasks is a way to reduce time and errors when creating and disabling accounts. Automated account management solutions allows for an automated synch with HR for total user lifecycle management.

Workflow Management is an important module within an automated account management solution. Workflow management and self service allows user management requests to be created by employees of the organization. These requests are then sent to managers and the IT department to either approve or deny. Once the request is approved, the solution can automatically implement the changes and send them to all necessary systems, eliminating the need for manual account modifications.

Automating user provisioning can lead to direct cost savings for any organization, no matter what industry or size.

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