Managing Student Accounts With An IAM Solution

At the end of every school year you likely find yourself running a custom script or manually disabling or deleting all users who have graduated. Then you also have to do the same for creating accounts for incoming students. This might not be too difficult for student accounts in active directory, but when you have multiple systems involved it can be quite difficult to create a scrip to create or purge accounts.

So how can an IAM solution help? Most identity management solutions offer you two ways of managing accounts.

1. With the first method you can either provide a query or view from a database. This source system or database is typical a student information system.

2. With the second method you can provide a flat file for the software to pick up. This method works just as well but requires a bit more work.

If you are using the database view or query method with your IAM software then as soon as you rollover to the new school year in your student information system, your software should begin creating and purging accounts in active directory and in any system it is connecting to automatically. If you are using a flat file you will need to provide a list which contains accounts that should be created and purged.

Using an automated solution provides the simplest way for you to manage accounts since you will not have to do anything manually once the school year rolls over. Using a flat file still saves a significant amount of time as you can simply export the file from your student information system and upload it into your identity management software. Either of these methods saves you and your district a ton of time and resources, allowing you to focus on other more important projects.

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