How Can Education Entities Create More Time?

The education industry is continuously changing to improve the learning process. With these changes, technological advancement become more of a necessity than a luxury.

While this is setting the foundation for the students’ success, it cannot be done without the proper technology. This is turn forces the education systems IT departments to take on new challenges every day, which creates time overhead for both parties in question.

Automation is a great start to put the educational systems on the right track for success. By configuring day to day routine processes to run on a preprogrammed automated schedule, with minimal user input, you’re allowing student accounts, emails, files shares and much more to be accomplished, without the needs of having to push any buttons. This reduces downtime needed from a system administrator to perform these tedious tasks, as well as the possibility of human error. It most importantly allows these highly technical IT staff members to spend less time on mundane easy tasks. They can then focus on more important technology for the classroom.

So how else can tedious time consuming tasks be reduced and be made more efficient?

Password management is also beneficial. In our current information overloaded lives, It’s hard to remember passwords. Most of us are forced to remember three or more passwords on a day to day basis. This presents a challenge for both the student and the system administrator anytime a student forgets their password and is possibly locked out of their account.

Downtime is needed from the system administrator to reset the password, as well as time from the student to contact the IT department. This can all be avoided with password management. Students would be able to navigate to a website and/or application, answer a few security questions about themselves, and reset their password without needing to speak to anybody from the IT department. For an extra layer of security, a pin code can also be placed in addition or substitution to the security question, and can be delivered to a mobile phone or personal email address.

These solutions save the IT department a great deal of valuable time and resources. Why have highly technical IT employees preform easy tasks? In turn this allows them to then focus on more important technologies and advancements for the education of the students.

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