Providing Better Education With A Simple Solution

Providing the best education for their students is key for any educational institute. With that said, any time spent on minor issues is something that can be an obstacle toward this goal. Obstacles that can be often easily overcome with simple solutions.

One of these minor issues is students needing to remember several different passwords for their systems and applications. Students often have so much on their minds with school, social life, sports etc., that they easily forget their passwords. This in turn leads the IT offices to get slammed with students requesting to have their passwords reset from what should be their default password. The amount of time that is spent on this simple task is time that can be spent on something that is of much higher priority.

Additionally, often professors, and faculty alike, need to log onto many different systems in order to process information or record grades. The amount of passwords and user names that a teacher needs to remember can also sometimes be overwhelming and writing this information on a piece of paper or saving this into a document can be insecure.

Having a system that will store this information (encrypted) into a database and will automatically log you into whatever system you need to work, prevents the end user to constantly have to put in their username and password thus saving time and, for some, saving stress. A single sign-on solution easily and securely allows a user to do this. Students and teachers simply log into the computer and each application thereafter that they launch they are automatically authenticated in.

Password issues are something that students, faculty and staff shouldn’t be spending valuable time on. With a simple single sign on solution, students, staff, and teachers only need to remember a single set of credentials, thus eliminating a lot of the password headache.

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