Automating Telephony Systems: Save Time & Headaches

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Telephone systems play an important role in organizations, since employees in almost all industries each use their own phone and extension for communication internally and externally.

When a new employee joins the company they need to be assigned a new phone and extension; when they leave the organization it needs to be disabled; and if that employee later returns you’ll want to assign them their old extension again.

Though this might not sound like a difficult process, when it needs to be completed for many employees throughout an organization it can be a headache. Additionally, these tasks and environments can be very complicated to set up and maintain. This is why automation is a perfect solution to the problem. With automation assigning extensions and populating that information back to Active Directory and wherever else necessary, is no hassle and worry free.

One of the most important parts of a telephony system is keeping track of who’s assigned to which extension. With automation you can easily generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports of which extensions are assigned to who. Automation can also drive important changes in your telephony system, such as updating user’s names in the directory system when they change in your HR system.

Many identity and access management solutions also offer other benefits in addition to automation which can be extremely beneficial. You can create forms for requesting new telephony extensions, approve pending requests, reset users’ mailbox PINs, set up call forwarding on lines, and much more. Even setting up a web based phone directory is simple with automation, which keeps an updated list of users and their extensions that is being provided to the web form for display purposes.

Using automation and other identity and access management solutions to integrate with your telephony system is a great way to increase productivity within your organization. When users are added to your HR system new phone extensions can be set up for them automatically so no manually actions need to be performed.

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