Are your new employees annoyed by the onboarding process?

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There is always a level of excitement when starting a new job, with that enthusiasm comes added energy with fresh ideas and wanting to bring as much to the table as possible. The one thing that can damage this momentum is being held back from actually performing the job.

It is not uncommon when a new employee is hired that there is a wait time until the employee has access to all the system and resources that are needed to accomplish their daily tasks. However, how long is too long? I’ve heard stories of users not being able to access everything they need for up to three weeks. With that level of boredom and frustration, their motivation would surely be depleted. The question that needs to be asked is, how can employers combat this ongoing issue?

In many organizations, onboarding a user is commonly done manually and can be extremely complex and time intensive. This manual process can lead to users being placed in wrong access groups, names being spelled incorrectly, and of course longer wait times.

Automating the user provisioning process is a way that companies can overcome this hurdle. When a new user is entered into the HR system an Identity and Access Governance (IAG) solution will detect this information and automatically create the user with an email account, home directory and assign group memberships. User accounts can also be established in other applications such as ERP, Financial, Help Desk, and Telephony systems.

There are many benefits of implementing software that automates account management. Lead time for account creation is drastically reduced, which means new employees can begin work on their start date. Additionally, since there is no longer a need to manually create user accounts, it eliminates the risk of human error.

If your company is handling user provisioning manually an Identity and Access Governance may be right for you.

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