Are Manual Provisioning Processes Hurting Your Business?

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A big part of the identity management onboarding process with new employees is to get their user account and access to business tools provisioned. But, unfortunately, with today’s complex environments, many new employees aren’t provided credentials on their first day to things like their company email address, SaaS accounts, and other internal systems, leaving them unproductive.

How long it takes your employees to get access to all the resources used for their work can make a big difference in your company’s IT security risk and productivity.

Fast account provisioning allows someone to get started learning their position right away. They begin to feel like part of the team the same day, rather than feeling like they’re “half in” for several days while waiting on account access.

When it takes several days (or a week or longer) to get a new employee in your system and safely grant them access to work resources, it can lead to employees sharing credentials. Therefore, sharing company passwords is a big security issue.

How long does it take for HR to notify IT of a new employee?

The first step in the account provisioning process is usually for human resources to contact the IT department with the details of a new employee.

They need to give them the employee’s name, workstation details, system access information, and permission levels.

If there is a delay in this first part of the journey, this can hamper the entire process from the start.

How long does it take for IT to properly create and manage all the accounts for the new employee?

The next step is for IT to take the information provided by HR and create the new user account and set it up for ongoing management.

How long does this take per employee at your office? If it’s taking too long, then you end up with a bottleneck of new employees unable to really get going on their assigned tasks fully.

If your IT team is overburdened with other more urgent tasks, then new account provisioning can end up taking a back seat, and it can cause an even longer delay for a new person to get set up with their work tools and email account.

Are logins being shared while the new employee waits for their credentials?

What often happens when new employees are awaiting their account setup and login credentials to company systems is that another well-meaning employee will share theirs.

Nearly 42% of employees admit to sharing their workplace login credentials with a colleague.

While this may be done with productivity in mind, it’s a dangerous practice that can put your accounts at higher risk of being breached.

What are the risks of sharing credentials with new hires?

Sharing credentials with anyone is a bad idea but sharing them with a person that was just hired adds an additional level of risk. You don’t really know the type of employee this person will be yet. What if they end up leaving a week or two into the job?

Giving someone who is pretty much a stranger to your company access to company login credentials that don’t belong to them is asking for trouble because you don’t yet know if this person will work out. If they’re given only their own credentials, those credentials can easily be deleted should they leave.

Avoid Productivity & Security Problems With Fast Account Provisioning

Using an automated user provisioning solution like HelloID Provisioning your company avoids productivity and security issues. For example, rather than new employees waiting too long on account access, they have their new accounts provisioned the same day.

This promotes morale because they instantly feel like part of the team. You also don’t have to worry about other employees sharing passwords just to enable them to learn their tasks while waiting for an account.

Your IT team no longer must fit in time-consuming account creation tasks with their other IT work. Manual processes are now automated, allowing fast and complete new account setup.

Some of the benefits of the HelloID provisioning tool:

  • Easy to implement
  • Affordable for small to medium-sized businesses or school districts
  • A “Do It Yourself” (DIY) cloud solution
  • No on-premises infrastructure is needed
  • Mistakes are reduced by automating account creation
  • No more bottlenecks between HR and IT
  • Lowers security risk

HelloID is flexible and simple to use but also powerful and automates the account provisioning process in record time to keep your workforce productive.

The tool has Triple-A support for Active Directory, Exchange, Azure, Teams, Office 365, and SharePoint.

How much time can this save an IT team? An average of 6 hours per week (24 hours per month) can be saved by using this automated account provisioning system.

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