5 Signs You Need A Password Management Solution

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1. Your users access multiple application each requiring a password.

Depending on their job function users can access anywhere from 5 to 20 applications per day. With this many passwords to remember the simple act of logging in to each application can take longer than need be. A user would have to carefully enter each character into the password field. If the password was typed in wrong and the login fails they would have to repeat the login process again. With an SSO solution user will only have to remember just one password saving them from having to remember a long list of passwords and cutting down the time it takes to log in and reducing the chances of a login failure.

2. Different applications have different password requirements.

All application that require a password have password requirements. Some of those include: a minimum amount of characters, maximum amount of characters, a special character, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, or a number. Most applications require a combination of these. With an SSO solution in place the burden of having to create and remember these passwords will be eliminated for the end user.

3. Users cannot remember all their passwords.

Users create different passwords for each of their application and then many times can’t remembering them. This causes a loss of productivity as they spend time trying to remember the passwords and then often need to open a helpdesk ticket and wait to have the password either unlocked or reset. An SSO solution would eliminate this time consuming process as well as the “Password Post-It” that users usually keep taped to the side of the monitor or taped to the desk or inside a drawer.

4. Users create passwords that are too simple

Because of the amount of applications users access that require a password, and to make it easier for them to remember, users tend to create simple easy to remember passwords such as “password” or “12345678”. Some users will user their name or the name of a friend or family member. The problem with this is the passwords are easy to guess by someone who should not have access to the applications. An SSO solution would allow the user to create one strong password i.e., a longer password that contains a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters.

5. Your Helpdesk is bombarded with Password Reset Requests

Because of the reasons listed above, your helpdesk is inundated with password reset requests. Almost 50% of Helpdesk calls are for password resets. This ties up resources taking them away from more important helpdesk functions. With an SSO solution in place users would have only one password to remember and would reduce or even eliminate those password reset requests increasing your helpdesk’s productivity.

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