More than User Management Software

The IdM Solution That Started It All

User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) was launched in 2004 as Tools4ever’s flagship user account management and provisioning solution for Active Directory environments. System administrators across all industries and sectors still rely on UMRA for their user account lifecycle needs over a decade later. UMRA handles user account creation and the other time-consuming tasks that prevent your team from tackling those big projects.

Identity and Access Manager (IAM) was added to Tools4ever’s software suite as a next-generation Identity Management solution in 2016. IAM provides more sophisticated user account management - incorporating Access Governance and more - while retaining the provisioning capabilities of UMRA.

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How Does UMRA Provisioning Work?

UMRA is a complete user account lifecycle solution that simplifies management of Active Directory (AD) user accounts and authorization processes.

Modular Implementation

Tools4ever uses a “Phased” or modular implementation of UMRA's complete user management system that leverages a database of predefined procedures. This allows our customers to see results within a few days and achieve an ROI in an average of 4 months.

Is the Management of Active Directory User Accounts Too Complex?

Without automation, organizations lack proper procedures regarding the access privileges and resources granted to users. The confusion is made worse when individual systems and applications require different data. The manual effort required to maintain your IT resources forces your system administrators to spend all their time on data entry.

These manual account management practices can lead to delays, miscommunications, and errors that leave employees unable to work. New hires in their first days on the job are often the biggest victims and are left stranded without recourse. Every time a user’s account requires an update (e.g. promotion, name change, new address, etc.), this problematic process repeats. Cleaning up an ex-employee’s accounts and resources is just as painful and creates massive security risks when not comprehensive.

With UMRA automation, creating a new user goes from about 20 minutes per account to 100-300 accounts per minute. Managing user accounts is just as easy—whether editing or updating accounts, removing inactive users, or resetting passwords. Automation facilitates two main outcomes:

  • Users have accounts made with access to the relevant resources on Day One.
  • IT can focus on more important projects instead of manual management efforts and data entry.

Self-Service & Delegation

UMRA allows the delegation of user account management tasks to others. This offers a self-service system with password reset, workflow management, and helpdesk delegation. These capabilities are paired with electronic forms and templates, integration with HR/SIS systems, and automated downstream user provisioning.

Privilege and Application Management

AD group memberships all aspects of user access: authorization, access to resources, applications, file shares, and more. UMRA offers admins the ability to record which authorizations and applications must be assigned to each role. Execution is based according to job title or department. Exceptions to the access controls can be made by the manager and/or requested by employees themselves.


UMRA’s delegation functionality removes the need to assign admin rights to non-technical employees charged with user account management tasks. Fewer privileges will be required, as helpdesk members are only allowed to perform the tasks for which UMRA has been configured. Direct access (e.g. through ADUC or NTFS) will no longer be necessary.


UMRA automatically logs all activities occurring in the network. This record makes it easy to determine who has performed which action, at what time, and where. Detailed information remains readily available for auditing and reporting purposes. UMRA provides your organization the tools to remain fully compliant with regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.