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Reduce password-related helpdesk calls by 80%

Bring Power to the People With Self-Service Password Reset Tools

Self-Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) is a self-service password reset tool that lets users self-reset their Active Directory password—anytime, anywhere—based on simple, predefined questions.

The "Forgot My Password" button is integrated seamlessly into the Windows logon screen, so there’s no need to call or submit a support ticket. Less password-reset-related calls to the IT helpdesk equals more productivity for your team.

SSRPM is simple yet flexible, offering various modular configuration options to meet the diverse needs of your end users. Tools4ever’s password reset software is part of our suite of identity access management tools.

Reduce password-related calls by up to 80% with SSRPM

Reduce password-related calls by up to 80% with SSRPM

In our dedication to lowering support call volumes for our clients, we’ve worked to create a seamless password reset process with even our most basic SSRPM offering.

The Basic SSRPM module was designed to contain all the functionality needed for your end users to self-manage their password resets, allowing them to change their Active Directory passwords without the need for helpdesk intervention.

If the user has forgotten his or her password, they can launch SSRPM by simply clicking on the "Forgot My Password" button. After correctly answering a number of personal questions, the user can set a new password on their own.

Active Directory Password Reset is now accomplished in a few clicks!

End users can perform their own password reset in 3 easy steps

1. Simply click the “Forgot My Password” button.
2. Answer a set of pre-defined security questions.
3. Reset their password.

It’s that simple! The password is reset instantly and the user can log into their account with the updated credentials right away.

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Benefits of Basic SSRPM

Minder beheerlast IT-Helpdesk

Reduced Management Overhead

End-users can reset their password without helpdesk intervention. This results in a reduction of helpdesk overhead.

Reductie wachtwoord reset calls

80% Call Reduction

A substantial reduction (up to 80%) in the number of password reset calls since users can reset their own password.

Overal en altijd wachtwoord resetten

24/7 Availability

End-users can reset their password on a 24/7 basis from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Offer password reset options beyond the office walls with the SSRPM Web Module

Offer password reset options beyond the office walls with the SSRPM Web Module

The integrated Web Module enables SSRPM to be used outside the corporate network for the ultimate in accessibility. Employees can reset their passwords at any time, from any location - even from their smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Additionally, SSRPM can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) to expand your connectivity options.

Secure your Onboarding process for new hires.

Secure your Onboarding process for new hires.

SSRPM’s Account Claiming module plugs the security gap undermining your onboarding processes: transferring accounts and credentials to new users. Most organizations lack secure delivery methods and rely on easily-guessed, generic password values or formats (e.g. LastName.FirstInitial1!) to "lock" new accounts.

Allow end users to update attributes in Active Directory

Allow end users to update attributes in Active Directory

Active Directory Self Service lets end users edit their own attributes in AD. This feature enables users to do more without the intervention of the helpdesk, while also ensuring that data in the Active Directory is always up to date. Administrators determine which attributes can be updated by the end user. The end user simply logs in to the SSRPM portal to see which fields can be edited and has the option to upload a photo.

Ramp-up security with SMS Authentication

Ramp-up security with SMS Authentication

With a swarm of security issues cropping up every day, two-factor authentication (2FA) is becoming a "must-have" for many companies, rather than an option for their data security.

The SSRPM service includes mobile text authentication to provide a second level of security through a PIN code.

When users want to reset their password using SSRPM, the application sends a text message containing a PIN code to the user's mobile device. After the user has entered the correct PIN code, the password can be reset.

Know who’s on the phone with Helpdesk ID Verification

Know who’s on the phone with Helpdesk ID Verification

Even with tools that significantly lower the number of calls to your support desk, invariably there will be some cases where calls do come in. When they do, it’s up to your staff to make sure they know who they’re talking to before providing any password reset options. That’s why we developed the Helpdesk ID Verification Module to allow helpdesk staff to verify the identity of a caller.

To identify the caller, the helpdesk employee asks them a challenge question. Through an intelligent mechanism, combined with reversible encryption, the helpdesk employee can ask the end user to provide certain characters, for example, first and last letter of the answer. By keying in the response, the helpdesk staff can verify that the caller is who they claim to be and can move forward with the password reset process or other user account requests.