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Empower Users. Free-up IT.

Up to 80% of helpdesk calls are for password resets. SSRPM provides your users with the ability to reset their passwords 24/7. Rapid resets enable your employees to get past forgotten password hurdles during user authentication and back to being productive.


Eliminating the mountain of menial reset tickets from your helpdesk’s queue reclaims valuable IT bandwidth for more important projects.


SSRPM’s additional modules allow for a secure user onboarding (“Account Claiming”) and self-service updates to basic personal information in Active Directory.

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24/7 Password Reset

Whenever users need to reset their password due to forgotten or expired credentials, they can do so without helpdesk assistance. When users enroll in SSRPM, they are required to provide answers to security questions.

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When resetting credentials, re-answering these security questions verifies the user’s identity. Verified users may then reset their passwords according to whatever complexity restrictions you configure. It’s that simple.


24/7 Resets Empower Users

So long as a given user completes the security questions, they can reset their password at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

SSRPM Integration

SSRPM seamlessly integrates with login prompts for other resources. For Active Directory passwords or HelloID logins, a link is provided directly within the prompt. A portal is available for other resources.

Reclaim IT Bandwidth

If your helpdesk is spending up to 80% of their time on menial reset calls, there are much more important IT projects getting put on the backburner. Free up IT with SSRPM.

Helpdesk Verification

In a world where remote workers are becoming more common, it’s increasingly important that your IT staff know for sure who they’re talking or chatting with. The SSRPM Helpdesk Verification module lets your support personnel authenticate a caller’s identity with pieces of their security questions.

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Helpdesk Verification is a super simple check for ensuring users who call your helpdesk are who they say they are. Through Tools4ever’s intelligent mechanism combined with reverse encryption, your helpdesk employee can ask a given user to provide specific characters from the answers to their security questions.


For example: “What are the first and last letters of your mother’s maiden name?”


This simple security question easily identifies the end-user without divulging any sensitive information. Once the user is verified, your helpdesk can proceed with their request.


Verify Identities

Helpdesk Verification gives you the confidence that your users who request IT help are who they say they are.

Intuitive & Easy

Answering the challenge question is easy for end-users. Simply check your answers to SSRPM security questions and there you go.

Secure Data

Because SSRPM’s intelligent mechanism and reverse encryption prevent the helpdesk from knowing more than a character or two for the security question, there’s no risk of revealing passwords or sensitive data.

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  • How does SSRPM work?

    Users enrolled in SSRPM are provided with a “Forgot my password…” link at the bottom of their HelloID or Active Directory login prompt. When users click on this link, they are enabled to:

    • Enroll
    • Reset a forgotten password
    • Change their password
    • Update basic Active Directory user info (e.g., contact information)
    • Proceed with their onboarding

    Once the user clicks to reset their forgotten password, they will be asked a series of security questions to verify their identity. The user will have already set the security question answers when they first enrolled in SSRPM. After answering the security questions, the user will be able to reset their password according to the complexity restrictions configured by the organization’s IT department.

  • Does SSRPM work for credentials aside from HelloID and Active Directory?

    Yes. SSRPM may be integrated to reset credentials for other systems, applications, and resources. End users access the reset functionality via web portal.

  • What are some examples of SSRPM’s security questions?

    You may add your own, but SSRPM’s default security questions include:

    In what city did you meet your spouse/significant other?
    What was your childhood nickname?
    What is the name of your favorite childhood friend?
    What street did you live on in third grade?
    What is your oldest sibling’s birthday month and year? (e.g., January 1900)
    What is the middle name of your youngest child?
    What is your oldest sibling’s middle name?
    What school did you attend for sixth grade?
    What was your childhood phone number including area code? (e.g., 000-000-0000)
    What was the name of your first stuffed animal?
    In what city or town did your mother and father meet?
    What was the last name of your third grade teacher?
    What is the first name of the boy or girl that you first kissed?
    What is your maternal grandmother’s maiden name?
    In what town was your first job?

    For education/youth users, the following security questions are more applicable:

    Who wrote your favorite book?
    Who is the best superhero (or villain)?
    What is the name of your first-grade teacher?
    What is your favorite sports team?
    What is the name of the scientist you admire?
    What is your favorite outdoor activity?
    If you could be any animal, what would you be?

  • What is “onboarding”?

    Simply put, “onboarding” refers to the process of getting a new hire up to speed on organizational processes, policies, and with provisioned access to the necessary resources required for their job’s responsibilities. Successful onboarding aims to help new employees quickly become effective within the organization.

    Tools4ever’s solutions optimize the business and IT side of onboarding processes that ensure new users’ access to network resources like accounts, applications, and file shares. Above all, SSRPM’s Onboarding module helps ensure the safe transfer of user accounts and passwords to new employees.

  • How long does SSRPM take to install?

    SSRPM can be installed, configured, and enabled for users to enroll in a matter of hours.