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Take Control of Your Identity Management

Streamline your operational efficiency and control compliance efforts for HIPPA, SOX, and other requirements. IAM provides user provisioning, centralized account management, and role-based access control by integrating personnel and directory systems.


Automated onboarding and offboarding ensure that only the right people have the right access at the right time.

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User Provisioning

Attempting to manually create, manage, and disable user accounts in today’s complex corporate environment is its own full-time job.


Tools4ever’s IAM User Provisioning software creates a connection between HR systems, directory services (e.g., Active Directory, LDAP, GSuite), and downstream services. The entire process is automated, recovering substantial bandwidth for IT staff.

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Automated user account management

With IAM User Provisioning, easily synchronize user account information between the HR system and the network automatically. This information may affect Active Directory access management (e.g., department, position, start/end dates) or simple employee data (e.g., name, address). IAM detects HR system changes, automatically updating and implementing them across the entire network.


“Day One” Start

A new hire walks into work on their first day with access to all their accounts; Tools4ever makes this a reality, not a daydream.

Automated, accurate management

Implement changes immediately and consistently across your network. No manual intervention needed.

Centralized information, greater efficiency

Manage user accounts in one “core-registration” system. You entire network synchronizes with this data source.

Access Governance

Access Governance (AG, also known as Role-Based Access control or RBAC) enforces access rights to applications and data based on an employee’s job function. Issue, change, and withdraw privileges based on your AG role model—no more manual management or the oversights and errors that come with it.


Say goodbye to copy user, spreadsheets, and user templates.

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Structured authorization management

IAM Access Governance software ensures employees maintain the correct authorizations appropriate to their roles. An authorization matrix determines accessible resources accordingly (e.g., network or physical locations, financial systems, and specific apps).


The goal of AG is to create the most complete matrix possible. Authorization matrices are dependent on an organization’s technological and data maturity levels, taking all available information into account.


RBAC enhances security

Guarantee that users have the correct level of access rights; proper access lowers data breach risks.

Easy compliance efforts

Pull audit reports and demonstrate compliance. IAM helps you prepare for all the big acronyms: HIPAA, ISO, SOX, GDPR, NEN, and more.

Savings through efficiency

Efficient automation prevents management hours from piling up. Fewer needs means more time and money.

Workflow Management & Self-Service

With Workflow Management and Self-Service, employees can request and managers can approve resources without any IT intervention. IAM’s structured workflow contains the entire process and necessary Active Directory delegation tools.


For example, employees may request access to an application, project, or share. Managers can authorize the request, which IAM implements immediately in within the network. It’s that easy.

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Streamline resource and service provisioning

Managers know best what resources users require to meet their team’s and your organization’s needs. IAM places focus on the managers and employees to streamline user provisioning processes for apps, shares, and more.


IAM connects with a myriad of systems to support various service requests beyond account management. For example, users may request physical access to a work area, reserve company laptops, or submit a helpdesk ticket.


Delegate & Execute

Less technical staff no longer need advanced admin rights to perform basic user account management tasks.

Automated approvals for request management

IAM’s integrated authorization mechanism tracks who submitted the request whether a manager approved it.

Self-service portal integration, centralized control

Integrate IAM with other portals to deliver a streamlined, single-portal experience for users.

Downstream Provisioning

Downstream provisioning enables you to automatically connect managed user accounts to systems and applications. Downstream software goes far beyond just Active Directory Exchange and NTFS.


IAM has a wide range of connectors—more than 150—for managing user accounts and rights in systems and applications.

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Link all the systems in your network

IAM already contains a large number of default connectors that link to most systems. Tools4ever has developed all of these connectors, with updates covered under the maintenance contract. If you add systems as you build out your architecture, you can connect with IAM as you go.


Connectors for various systems and applications containing user account data include: HR systems, directories, helpdesk systems, student information systems, databases, telephone systems, ERP systems, and a host of others.


Short user account creation lead time

New employees have the proper authorizations to the network as well as adjacent systems and applications from day one.

Reduced management burden

Application engineers are less burdened with processing changes thanks to connector-leveraged automation.

Standardized management

The process of managing user accounts is deployed in the same, uniformed manner for all systems and applications in the network.

Helpdesk Delegation

Maximize the capability of your entire team. User account management traditionally falls to IT staff with advanced admin rights. IAM links these tasks to web forms, allowing less technical helpdesk employees to fulfill them without elevated privileges. All of these actions are still recorded in the audit log.

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Spread the work around so admins focus on critical tasks

Using Helpdesk Delegation, less-technical IT staff can safely perform Active Directory account management. IAM helps them create, process, and remove accounts, as well as reset passwords without any explicit IT knowledge.


Tools4ever delivers a secure, efficient working environment with Helpdesk Delegation. Our implementation experience includes standardized questionnaires, experienced IAM consultants, and a library of hundreds of helpdesk scenarios. Thanks to account management and Active Directory user provisioning tools, we can help get your team up-and-running quickly.


Improved security

Less technical staff no longer need advanced admin rights to perform basic user management tasks.

Enhanced staff productivity

No longer restricted to high-level staff, changes can be performed by all employees. Your team’s overall efficiency will skyrocket.

Rapid implementation

By using standardized processes and tools, your teams can be up-and-running very quickly.

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