Connect systems, people, and processes with secure Identity and Access Management Systems

IAM gives you control of Identity Governance & Administration

Identity & Access Manager (IAM) from Tools4ever is a complete Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) Solution. IAM provides a standardized user account management and provisioning system that handles automated account onboarding and offboarding, rights management, delegation, and more. Streamline your operational efficiency and control compliance efforts for HIPAA, SOX, and many other regulations with the power of IAM.

Direct connectivity to all your systems and applications

Connectivity is a hallmark of IGA solutions. We make it simple to connect your existing systems and downstream software with our ever growing library of standardized connectors.

User Provisioning

User Provisioning

Attempting to manually create, manage, and disable user accounts in today’s complex corporate environment is its own full-time job. Tools4ever's IAM User Provisioning software creates a connection between the HR system, directory services (Active Directory, G Suite, etc.), and downstream software, automating the entire process.

Automating user account management processes

With IAM User Provisioning, easily synchronize user account information automatically between the HR system and the network. This information may affect Active Directory access management (e.g. department, position, start/end dates) or simple employee data (e.g. name, address). If changes are made in the HR system, they are detected by IAM and automatically updated and implemented across the network.

Benefits of User Provisioning

shorter lead time

New hires are more effective - faster than ever

Setting up newly hired employees is quick and simple, allowing them to be productive the moment they arrive.


Automated, accurate management of accounts

Changes are implemented immediately and accurately across the network without any manual intervention.

Effectiveness and efficiency improvement

Centralized information leads to greater efficiency

User account details are managed in one place in the organization, rather than by different departments. Other systems sync to that "core registration" data source.

 Helpdesk Delegation (HD)

Helpdesk Delegation (HD)

Maximize the capability of your entire team. User account management traditionally falls to IT staff with advanced admin rights. IAM links these tasks to web forms, allowing less technical helpdesk employees to fulfill them without elevated privileges. All of these actions are still recorded in the audit log.

Spread the work around so admins focus on critical tasks

Using Helpdesk Delegation, less-technical IT staff can safely perform Active Directory account management. IAM helps them create, process, and remove accounts, as well as reset passwords without any explicit IT knowledge.

Tools4ever delivers a secure, efficient working environment for your Helpdesk Delegation. Our implementation experience includes standardized questionnaires, experienced IAM consultants, and a library of hundreds of helpdesk scenarios. Thanks to account management and Active Directory user provisioning tools, we can help get your team up-and-running quickly.

Benefits of Helpdesk Delegation

Improved Security

Improved security

Less technical staff no longer need advanced admin rights to perform basic user account management tasks.

Enhanced staff productivity

Enhanced staff productivity

No longer restricted to high-level IT staff, changes can be performed by all employees. Your team’s overall efficiency will skyrocket.

Complete auditing

Rapid implementation

By using standardized processes and tools, your teams can be up-and-running very quickly.

Workflow Management (WFM) & Self-Service

Workflow Management (WFM) & Self-Service

With Workflow Management and Self-Service, employees can request and managers can approve resources without any IT intervention. IAM’s structured workflow contains the entire process and necessary Active Directory delegation tools.

For example, employees may request access to an application, project, or share. Managers can authorize the request, which IAM implements immediately within the network. It's that easy.

Streamline resource and service provisioning

Managers know best what resources user accounts should have to meet their team’s and the organization’s needs. IAM places focus on the managers and employees to streamline user provisioning process for apps, shares, and more.

IAM connects with a myriad of systems to support various service requests beyond account management. For example, users may request physical access to a work area, reserve company laptops, or submit a helpdesk ticket. Watch the video below to learn more about IAM Workflow Management.

Benefits of Workflow Management & Self-Service

Timely user management

Automation provides users optimum request control

With an automated system, the applicant himself has control over the moment of applying and the length of time he'll need to access certain information in the system requested.

Approved authorization mechanisme

Automated approvals for request management

IAM’s integrated authorization mechanism always tracks who submitted the request. More importantly, IAM tracks whether a manager has approved it.

Integration with other portals

Self-service portal integration provides a single point of management and control

IAM can be integrated with other portals to deliver a streamlined, single-portal experience for users.

Access Governance (AG)

Access Governance (AG)

Access Governance (also known as Role Based Access Control or RBAC) supports the management of employee access rights for applications and data. IAM Access Governance replaces manual, imperfect, and error-prone access management practices. With Access Governance, user account rights and privileges are issued, changed, and withdrawn based on your role model. Say goodbye to copy-user, spreadsheets, and user templates.

Structured and phased authorization management

IAM Access Governance software ensures employees maintain the correct authorizations appropriate to their roles. Based on each role, an authorization matrix is used to determine their accessible resources. Accessible resources may include network or physical locations, financial systems, and apps among others.

The goal is to create an authorization matrix that is as complete as possible. Authorization matrices are dependent on an organization’s technological and data maturity levels, taking all the available Access Governance information into account.

Benefits of Access Governance

Improved Security

RBAC enhances security

Structuring your authorization management based on employee roles guarantees that users have the correct level of access rights. Proper access lowers data breach risk by ensuring employees do not have too much or little access.

Compliant NEN ISO SOX

Audit reporting for improved compliance

Pulling audit reports on your authorization matrix makes it possible to show everything is complaint and under control. IAM helps you prepare for all the big acronyms: HIPAA, NEN, ISO, SOX, BIG and more.

Cost savings

Better account management = cost savings

Manually conducting account management, access rights reviews, and user provisioning is time consuming. Automated and efficient account management keeps those hours from piling up. Further, fewer incidents means less to track and investigate. Better account management saves time and money, avoiding excess labor and unnecessary licensing fees.

Downstream Provisioning

Downstream Provisioning

Downstream Provisioning enables you to automatically connect to systems and applications for managing user accounts. Downstream software goes far beyond just Active Directory, Exchange, and NTFS. IAM has a wide range of connectors – more than 150 - for managing user accounts and rights in systems and applications.

IAM links all the systems in your network

IAM already contains a large number of default connectors that link to most systems. All of these connectors have been developed by Tools4ever and are maintained as part of the maintenance contract. If you add systems as you build out your architecture, you can connect with IAM as you go.

Connectors for various systems and applications containing user account information include: helpdesk systems, HR systems, student information systems, directories, databases, telephone systems, ERP systems and a host of others.

Benefits of Downstream Provisioning

Short user accounts lead time

Short user account creation lead time

New employees have the proper authorizations to the network as well as adjacent systems and applications from day one.

Reduces the management burden for applications

Reduced management burden for applications

Application Engineers are less burdened with processing the changes of user accounts thanks to automated processes via connectors.

Manage user accounts unequivocally

Standardized management of user accounts

The process of managing user accounts is deployed in the same, uniform manner for all systems and applications in the network.