Identity & Access Management as a Service

HelloID is a modern and secure cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution. With one powerful cloud solution, you have an answer to the increasingly complex Identity Management issues within your organization.

Access Management

Securely access all of your cloud applications from anywhere in the world with a single login. Apply additional security measures with multi-factor authentication and access policies.

Ease of Access

Simplify the login experience for those who aren't ready for usernames and passwords. HelloID provides a streamlined login experience with just a scannable QR code.


Customize the approval process for self service requests. Require approval by a manager, product owner, a group of people, and more. HelloID provides a flexible workflow platform to fit any organization.

Single Sign-On

HelloID supports all common SSO protocols. This allows your users to access all of their SSO-enabled applications with just a click of a button. If your app doesn't support SSO, then HelloID still has you covered with backward-compatible login methods.

Data Management

Take control of your folder structures. Empower data owners to manage their own folder shares and permissions with industry best practices. HelloID makes it easy to set up and maintain.

Service Automation

Let staff and students request access to resources through the online portal, and let the owners of those resources handle the approval process. Get the IT department out of the equation by automating the backend processing and logging inside the IT infrastructure.


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