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The Next Generation of IDaaS

HelloID is a modern and secure, cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. With one powerful platform, you have an answer to the increasingly complex IAM challenges your organization faces.

User Provisioning

Service Automation

Access Management

API Integration

Legacy Client/Server Applications

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User Provisioning

Does your IT department spend a lot of time on manually creating accounts in various systems and cloud apps? Creating, modifying, and deleting user accounts is still a complex, time-consuming manual task in many organizations.


HelloID Provisioning connects HR systems with user accounts, automating the entire user account lifecycle process. Account details and usage rights are automatically kept up-to-date.

Automating user account management processes—in the cloud

With HelloID Provisioning, organizations can easily migrate to an automated user account solution. Typically, all relevant employee data is stored in their company’s HR system. This information includes personal details, contract start and end dates, position title, manager, and department.


By linking HelloID to the HR system, employee data is entered into a single system and synchronized with all others. Accounts are automatically configured for new hires. Changes for existing employees automatically lead to access rights and license updates.


Automation eliminates manual challenges

Setting up newly hired employees is quick and simple, allowing them to be productive the moment they arrive.

Up-to-date provisioning

Changes are implemented immediately and accurately across the network without any manual intervention.

Reclaim IT bandwith

One-day setup with configurations and processes managed via intuitive graphic interfaces. Automation gets manual account management off IT’s to-do list.

Service Automation

HelloID Provisioning handles all your users’ basic authorizations, but no organization operates in a vacuum. Role changes, temporary projects, and new resources all lead to users requiring access changes. Service Automation (HelloID’s self-service) allows users to request and managers to approve resources with only a few clicks.


Following approval, HelloID gives your employees the resources they need by facilitating all changes immediately across your network. Longer wait times equal less productivity. If your users are still running down managers and IT staff for access approval, they’re wrapped up in too much restrictive red tape.

Bypass IT

Sure, we know it might sound counterintuitive at first to bypass your IT department when requesting resources. However, your managers and other high-level users better understand your day-to-day operations’ needs. They know who on their team should have access and what authorizations run the risk of regulatory noncompliance.


Once configured, Service Automation will automatically route access requests from a given user to the appropriate person—typically the user’s manager or to whomever “owns” the resource. With a few clicks, users can request access and a knowledgeable decision maker can approve. HelloID manages the rest.


Rapid request/approval

Users can request or managers can assign resources right when they require them. With a few clicks, HelloID handles all the provisioning needs.

Delegated Forms and workflows

Build custom request templates for the resources in Service automation. Choose which fields to fill and leverage PowerShell scripts to dynamically populate data accordingly.

All requests tracked and logged

All parties relevant to a given request can track it’s progress within HelloID. All Service Automation actions are logged for easily compiled audit trails.

Access Management

Managing access for every user within your organization remains one of the most difficult ongoing identity management challenges. From new employees to role changes to departures, it never ends. Cloud services that have your users navigating to resources hosted by third parties only complicates things.


HelloID’s Access Management provides something for everyone in your organization. Managers and IT admins set authentication policies and configure authorizations according to users’ roles via intuitive interfaces. End users receive Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all the IT resources their job role and authorizations permit.

Authentication & Authorizations

Access management can be split into authentication (i.e., logging in) and authorizations (i.e., what an authenticated user may access).


Your environment is protected with configurable access policies and adaptive multifactor authentication (MFA). You may enforce elevated restrictions depending on the situation (e.g., logging in from outside of the network).


HelloID provides SSO for all your apps, leveraging protocols such as SAML, so users immediately access their IT resources without any further authentication.


Cloud-based desktop with SSO for all your apps

Leveraging SSO protocols (e.g., SAML), federation standards, and a “catch-all” plugin provides seamless access for all your apps. No repetitive logins. No session time-outs.

Configurable access policies

Choose which access policies to enforce. Enhanced security or restrictions may be configured according to date/time, IP address, country of origin, situational MFA, and more.

Adaptive Multifactor authentication (MFA)

HelloID can enforce MFA at either portal or individual application levels. Choose your preferred method or existing ones to save costs: “Push-to-Verify”, authenticator apps, FIDO, UbiKey, SMS, and more.

API Integration

Integrate HelloID with your other IT resources using any programming language capable of sending information over the web. HelloID’s API integration opens virtually endless possibilities to leverage your data.


With HelloID’s ability to pull data form and kick off processes for other sources, your environment operates seamlessly. With HelloID, “it just works”, and everyone executes on whole new levels of efficient productivity.

“Get”, “Pull”, “Post”, “Delete”, & Do.

Using RESTful methods, you can set up HelloID to integrate with any program—even your own. Prefer PowerShell, Python, C#, Java, or another language? It’s your choice.


So long as your information can be delivered via HTTP, the possibilities are endless: build more complex forms for self-service, integrate ticketing systems directly into HelloID, and more.


Simple RESTful interface

HelloID makes life easy with a familiar RESTful interface and easy-to-parse JSON objects.

Connect from anywhere

As long as your program and language of choice can send and receive over HTTP, you can interact with HelloID.

Leverage APIs with automated processes and self-service

Pull data to populate fields in dynamic forms as you go, execute CRUD actions in cloud services, kick off custom processes, and more.

Legacy Client/Server Applications

One of Tools4ever’s legacy products, Enterprise Single Sign-On Manager (E-SSOM), finds new life in HelloID implementations that require SSO for Client/Server Windows applications (e.g., SAP).


While Tools4ever has shifted our focus towards “cloud-only” product development, many of our customers still use Client/Server applications in “hybrid environments” that mix cloud and on-premise. With HelloID, all your resources are available from the same SSO portal regardless of where they’re hosted.

Managing SSO for your organization gets tricky fast with hybrid environments. With HelloID’s Citrix integration, your on-premise applications are made available. From one web portal, access both web-based applications (via SAML or OpenID) and existing windows client-server applications (via  ESSOM), with MFA supported for all.


HelloID integrations fully support step-by-step migration to a cloud environment: ESSOM, Citrix, HelloID cloud-based desktop with SAML/OpenID, and a catch-all plugin for resources that lack inherent SSO integration.


SSO for Client/Server Windows apps

Continue utilizing existing, on-premise IT resources with added SSO functionality and without separate, costly integrations.

Cloud migration made easy

Not every organization can afford the cost or downtime that comes with a full cloud migration. Migrate at the pace convenient for you.

Sophisticated MFA for hybrid environments

HelloID’s MFA is enforceable for on-premise Client/Server applications to ensure there are no gaps in your login security.

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