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Role based access control (RBAC)

Role-based Access Control (RBAC is a way for organisations to manage and assign access privileges accross the network in a structured way.

How is access assigned?

Role-based Access Control is determined by an employee’s job roles and responsibilities. The roles depend on criteria like department, fuction, location and cost center associated with an employee.

Why use RBAC?

  • Prevent unwarrented access to applications and systems
  • Ensure employees have the correct level of access
  • Secure sensitve data and critical applications

RBAC Befenfits

  • Provides enhanced transparency
  • Enhances compliance control
  • Decreases the risk of data breaches
  • Improves orgaisational efficiency


Role mining

You want to introduce Role-Based Access Control to your organisation but don’t know where to start.

NIM Role Mining is a good place to begin – scan your target systems and have NIM determine the best-fit for your organisation.


Role generation

Use NIM Role Generators to automatically generate your Role Models. One complete, you’ll have a fully fuctional RBAC system.


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Automate your processes. Achieve your data’s potential.

With NIM’s integration, any changes made in HR are automatically detected and implemented across the network according to the configured procedures. NIM enforces a role-based access control (RBAC), based on leveraging user data entered into HR.

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Rapid new account creation and setup;




AD/AAD/Google Groups


Exchange Online

File System

User Changes

Automatically sync and process changes made in HR to maintain up-to-date access;

Rename User (AD/AAD/Google)

Change Groups

eMail Addresses

Move User (OU)


Instantly disable accounts and access for departing users;

Disable for x Days

Delete after x Days


Remove File System

Remove Exchange/Exchange online

Strip Groups (Disable)

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Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD

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