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Automated user and authorization management.

HelloID’s User Provisioning module connects your HR or SIS system with user accounts, automating the entire user account lifecycle process. Every change in the personnel system is processed promptly, error-free and across all systems in your network – both on-premise and in the cloud. Based on Business Rules (RBAC), your employees receive uniform authorizations for the systems and applications that they need to complete their work. As a result, you create transparent user and authorization management that significantly simplifies audits – all thanks to the integrated reporting capability.


Bonus Material: Manual vs. Automated Provisioning

Check out this article written by our consultancy team that reveals the upside of an automated provisioning solution and helps identify the path forward for the future of your organization’s provisioning processes.
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No manual work. No errors. 100% automation relieves your IT significantly.

Typical Challenge: Manual labor costs time and money.

IT Departments are constantly flooded with tickets. Requests for modifications to user accounts and authorizations are entered manually across all systems. Non-technical colleagues do not understand how long the manual processing time truly takes.

Current Process:

Qualified IT administrators handle the authorization management manually in the Active Directory and other systems for each individual employee. This process is complex, takes a lot of time, and is error-prone. As a result, more time is taken away from impactful IT projects.

Solution: Automating the user provisioning process

The changes during the entire user lifecycle (on-board, change, off-board) are automatically synchronized between the personnel or student systems (e.g. UltiPro, PowerSchool, SAP, ADP, etc.) and the target systems (e.g. AD, Azure, Google Workspace, etc). This makes your organization more productive, efficient, and secure.

Your authorization model needs to be structured to ensure data security, proper usage, and auditing.

Typical Challenge: An evolving IT structure

Oftentimes, HR may fail to communicate changes to IT in a timely manner or not at all. Authorizations are granted ad-hoc and can be unstructured. Unnecessary authorizations and licenses gradually accumulate on employees’ accounts. No one knows exactly who has which authorizations, where, and why – this presents a tremendous compliance and security risk.

Current Process:

Authorizations are not assigned clearly and might not be revoked. This leads to old and unnecessary permissions accumulating on employees’ accounts resulting in uncontrolled access to cloud applications. Overall, this causes additional security risks and unnecessarily high costs.

Solution: Structure through RBAC

Easy to configure business rules guarantee a secure, consistent, and transparent assignment of authorizations to your users. This means that everyone only receives the authorizations they need for their tasks (principle of least use). Role-based authorization assignment reduces the risk of security gaps, data loss, and helps with audits.

Compliance made easy. Less time spent searching for the required information. Audits passed effortlessly.

Typical Challenge: Fulfill compliance regulations

Without having a real-time overview of the organization’s assigned authorizations, security gaps are not recognized and compliance requirements are difficult to achieve. At the same time, customers are demanding certified IT processes.

Current Process:

Due to authorizations assigned in an unstructured manner, changes cannot be traced and accounts and authorizations for ex-employees are not revoked promptly.  As a result, a lot of effort goes into preparing for an audit.


To ensure compliance with reporting, all changes in HelloID are logged for audit purposes. You have full control over all processes and authorizations in the network thanks to the integrated (audit) reporting. These logging and reporting capabilities help you pass audits effortlessly.

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“I have never worked with a company so dedicated to their customers as Tools4ever. They exemplify how all businesses should employ customer service relations.”

Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD

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