User Management for Healthcare

Easy and secure user management

Ensuring secure user management can be difficult for healthcare organizations due to a high turnover rate and complexity of employment roles. It is challenging for organizations to manage user accounts that require multiple roles and locations, such as a doctor who rotates between buildings, an employee who is also a student, or a remote healthcare worker. This can make it very difficult for the IT department to manually provision accounts and resources while ensuring the user has the correct access level. With today’s challenges, a secure and automated user management solution is a necessity for your healthcare organization.

Automated provisioning

In healthcare, the use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) reinforces the importance of eliminating any potential errors when managing active and inactive user accounts, delegating access rights, and monitoring resource usage. HelloID, our cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, can help your organization protect its resources. HelloID’s Provisioning module provides you with automated user account management, ensures that your employees will have the appropriate access rights, and helps eliminate the delays, errors, and inconsistencies associated with manual provisioning.

By driving automated provisioning off of HR system data, you can ensure that new employees and temporary workers will receive access to all of their resources on Day 1. The employees’ access rights are updated accordingly as they shift roles, and their account is quickly deactivated when they leave the organization. HelloID also provides extensive reports. These reports grant insight into who has accessed which applications, at what time, and from where (e.g., IP address, location). Through HelloID’s detailed activity logs, you can identify and prevent a user from continuing to hold unnecessary rights or licenses and truly begin securing access to your resources.

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