Tools4ever Partnership Program

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Download the flyer here to learn all about the benefits partnering with Tools4ever brings.

Strengthen IT Services. Elevate Efficiency. Boost Value.

Whether you’re looking for an integration to leverage Tools4ever’s provisioning and data synchronization, add value via self-service capabilities, implement
HelloID for your own customers, or another opportunity, we want to work with you.

From simplified management to helpdesk relief, we can enable you to provide more services for your own customers or increase your software portfolio— especially for cloud initiatives with HelloID.

HelloID provides organizations with:

  • Provisioning to set up new user accounts with all downstream resources.
  • Service Automation, our self-service platform, allows users to directly request resources from their manager or the appropriate decision-maker—no more runarounds for users or IT.
  • Configurable, strong access policies (e.g., date/time, IP address, conditional MFA).
  • SSO and a personalized cloud dashboard, greatly increasing efficiency and security while eliminating repetitive logins.
  • Multifactor authentication (MFA) fully included “out-of-box” at both SSO portal and app levels.
  • Audit trails that comprehensively log all user activity for detailed records.
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