NIM Product Overview: NexGen Identity Management

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Experience Counts

For over 20 years, Tools4ever has focused on providing industry-leading identity management solutions for small to medium-sized organizations. Inspired by our customer’s feedback for simple user provisioning within larger organizations, we developed Tools4ever’s NexGen Identity Management platform, NIM.

Product Overview

As the core focus, NIM is optimized for performance and easy self-management for larger organizations with complex data sets, including multiple data sources and targets.

What separates NIM from other provisioning solutions? Data Aggregation and Visibility! Although provisioning is the goal, data is king. With NIM’s unique multi-source and target data aggregation features, data from multiple systems can now be viewed and utilized for provisioning, rostering, and basic exports. NIM’s detailed evaluation feature allows for real-time impact analysis that answers the common questions of “Who, What, Where, Why, and When” before any
user-provisioning action is committed. In addition, enforcement reports and logs give you the same visibility after every action taken.

Vault Data

Source and target system data come in all types of formats. NIM easily manages this by asynchronously collecting all data, storing it on the file system, and then loading it in memory for easy internal access and increased performance. In addition, historical collection data is readily available for delta comparisons on-demand.

NIM Highlights

NIM’s unique approach to “Data-Driven Decision Making” empowers IT departments to design and manage their user provisioning processes without scripts or costly consultancy services. Below are some of NIM’s key features.

  1. Large Data Set Capability: A user provisioning automation solution designed to handle a large volume of users.
  2. Unlimited Systems: The same system can act as a source system in one context and as a target system in another context.
  3. Easy to Configure: Simple menu-driven features with no scripting knowledge required. Video training and detailed documentation.


In any industry, the daily use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) reinforces the importance of eliminating any potential errors when managing active and inactive user accounts. NIM’s Provisioning solution allows your account management process to be fully automated by acting as a single source of trust by connecting to your personnel system and then synchronizes the appropriate data to downstream applications. As a result, user account creation, deactivation, and changes, including permission rights, are processed quickly, effortlessly, and flawlessly.

Role Mining

HelloID’s authentication and access policies limit potential data breaches by offering a secure, universal dashboard for all of your applications, accessible via S

Designing professional “role models” one role at a time can be time-consuming when working in large environments (5-100K+ user accounts, 20-30K+ groups). NIM’s role mining feature dramatically reduces this effort by analyzing data from all your target systems and comparing source data to already provisioned users and groups. In addition, interactive features allow for real-time role analysis and role building.

Key Features

  • On-Premise Hosting
  • Optimized for 20K+ User Accounts
  • Menu-Driven Configuration
  • Advanced Scripting Capability
  • Rostering Capability
  • PowerShell Capability
  • Role Mining Capability
  • Customizable Reports
  • Synchronized Actions
  • Unlimited Schedules per Day
  • Unlimited Source/Target Systems
  • Documented DIY Connector Development
  • Documentation Site:
  • Github Library: Tools4ever-NIM
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