Moshannon Valley School District

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The Moshannon Valley School District is based in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. It encompasses approximately 150 staff and over 850 students. Fed up with manually provisioning and managing student accounts, Moshannon Valley was seeking a solution to automate these processes.

Prior to HelloID Provisioning

MVSD’s IT staff was drowning in manual account management tickets. Most often, the tickets called for repetitive student account provisioning. This was already proving to be problematic and time-consuming for the IT department to handle. Then COVID-19 hit and threw an even bigger wrench in the gears. “This year, during the pandemic, we have so many student account changes happening all the time. We have students joining, leaving, switching to (and coming back from) online courses. We had to manually provision accounts for multiple students every day,” said Ryan. Then Moshannon Valley found HelloID.

“When looking into HelloID Provisioning, we wanted to remove the account setup out of the equation so that we can free up more time to fix actual problems that were within the district.”

Ryan Saupp
Assistant Network Administrator at MVSD

Automated Account Management

Within a few months, Moshannon Valley had gone from manually managing student accounts to having HelloID Provisioning fully implemented and running before the school year began. Thanks to HelloID, Moshannon Valley was able to automate all of their student account management processes, freeing up the IT department to work on other projects for the district. “The amount of time we were spending on provisioning student accounts wasn’t practical. Taking the manual provisioning of these accounts out of the equation is more effective and we (the IT Department) are able to work on higher priority issues that need handled.”

“With HelloID Provisioning, we were able to automate all of the account creations and modifications, and eliminate all of those year-start headaches,” said Saupp. By saving several hours a week with HelloID Provisioning, MVSD’s IT department can spend more time managing the district’s 1:1 Chromebook program, working on device support and maintenance, and accomplishing other day-to-day general operations for the school district.

Less burden on MVSD’s teachers

In addition to freeing up the IT department, HelloID Provisioning helped reduce the burden on Moshannon Valley’s teachers. “For our teachers, if they have a student that joins, they no longer have to contact the IT department to get that student’s account created… everything is handled before [the student] gets to the classroom… [HelloID Provisioning] removes a ton of stress off of our teachers… it makes it much easier for the teacher, knowing that if they have a new student coming into class tomorrow, all of their accounts will be set up.” With an automated provisioning solution in place, Moshannon Valley’s teachers are now able to shift their attention towards the students’ learning, making each classroom session a ‘bell-to-bell’ experience.

A Ripple Effect

The benefits of HelloID Provisioning have cascaded throughout the entire district, even in unexpected ways. “There are actually things we are doing better as a district now because of HelloID Provisioning. There are things that until we started using HelloID, we never knew these were even issues. The HelloID Provisioning implementation has really helped us improve some of our other systems.” As just one example, MVSD was able to utilize archiving to simplify their folder structure. Previously, student data folders were building- and class-specific. Prior to HelloID Provisioning, they didn’t realize this was even an issue.

During the HelloID setup conversation, Ryan realized that they could drastically simplify their folder structure and management. With HelloID in place, Moshannon Valley has been able to completely automate user account management, from provisioning to updates to deactivation. “At this point, we are pretty much automated completely… Any time a student joins or leaves the district, they are automatically rostered for everything,” said Saupp.


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