David Douglas School District

Located in eastern Portland, OR, David Douglas School District serves approximately 10,000 K12 students enrolled within a 12 square mile range. David Douglas operates 16 separate facilities and remotely supports an Early Childhood program for the local community of 54,000 in pursuit of its mission statement – summarized by “Learn Grow Thrive.”

As David Douglas adopted newer technology and resources, manually supporting the numerous locations on-premises – particularly creating and provisioning user accounts – became an increasingly challenging endeavor. When something went wrong, “all hands were on deck to investigate,” said Network Admin Shawn Sutliff, only to regularly discover externally-originating issues. Navigating 3rd party support turned into a common, painful process of hurry-up and wait. Knowing this building-by-building approach was not sustainable, Sutliff and System Admin Roy Wagner needed an alternative solution capable of centralizing and automating system and account management.

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