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Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform designed to promote engagement between your customers and your organization’s sales, support, and customer success teams. Zendesk centralizes your management of customers’ support questions to best track, prioritize, and respond to tickets. Zendesk enables seamless, personalized support to enhance your customers’ experience and optimize your ticket response and management.

Connecting HelloID and Zendesk enables fully automated provisioning and user management for the customer support platform, driven off the identity data already present within your source system.

Once connected to your source system, HelloID’s attribute mapper lets you configure which fields and variables will be linked to determine roles and attributes. The synced data determines HelloID’s provisioning processes.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

Achieving automated provisioning for Zendesk requires virtually zero effort once configured in HelloID. Your HR staff continues their existing processes for inputting and updating employee information while IT reclaims substantial bandwidth via automation.

HelloID automatically detects changes made to employee identity data in your source system. When these changes are detected, it automatically triggers HelloID’s configured provisioning processes. Processes are automatic, consistent, and logged, which reclaims substantial bandwidth for IT staff.

HelloID automatically creates and sets up Zendesk accounts for new users based upon their attributes and role. When existing users have their role and attribute data updated, HelloID detects and processes these changes to ensure Zendesk accounts remain up-to-date. At the end of the user account lifecycle, HR changes the departing employee’s status in the source system, and HelloID automatically executes all configured processes.

By leveraging HelloID’s connections and your identity data, automated provisioning and attribute-based access control within Zendesk has never been as quick or easy.