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Microsoft 365, formally Office 365, provides cloud-based access to Microsoft Office’s software suite and other SaaS products. Microsoft 365’s resources are accessed through an online portal, which significantly extends the accessibility of one of the world’s most widely used software suites.

Our automated user provisioning solutions, HelloID (cloud) and NIM (on-premise), fully automate the provisioning and account creation process. Using a configurable attribute mapper, your source system’s fields and variables are linked to our solutions. HelloID and NIM leverage the synced identity data when automatically provisioning users within Microsoft 365 and all other connected resources.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

With HelloID and NIM, provisioning Microsoft 365 accounts require no extra effort. Our solutions detect new additions or updates whenever your HR staff enters them into your source system. These detected changes automatically trigger your configured provisioning processes within our solutions. All processes are automatic, consistent, and logged.

HelloID and NIM create accounts, add group memberships, and specify permissions within Microsoft 365 whenever it detects a new user within the connected source system. Similarly, our solutions automatically update user accounts and access whenever HR makes changes to an existing employee’s role or attributes. These triggered updates ensure that Microsoft 365 accounts and access remain up-to-date. In addition, when an employee departs, HR changes their status in the source system, and our solutions will automatically execute all configured offboarding processes for Microsoft 365.

A connection between our solutions and Microsoft 365 fully automates the provisioning process. This leads to reclaiming substantial IT bandwidth without requiring additional effort from HR. In addition, provisioning and attribute-based access control for your entire organization have never been as quick or easy to implement.

Additional HelloID Connector Information

For a more technical overview of connecting Microsoft 365 with HelloID, please refer to the following Documentation and GitHub links:


Additional NIM Connector Information

For a more technical overview of connecting Microsoft 365 with NIM, please refer to the following Documentation and GitHub links:


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