Connector Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) is a collection of cloud computing and software products for productivity and collaboration. Google Workspace provides your organization with a foundation of cloud applications for employees’ day-to-day needs.

With HelloID’s Google Workspace connector, you can manage and provision all of your user’s Google resources. The HelloID connector also facilitates single sign-on access to Google Workspace for all of your employees.

Onboarding, Provisioning, & Ongoing Management

Throughout a user’s employment, HelloID automatically executes identity management tasks. When a user is created (or updated), HelloID’s connector will create (or update) their Google account and associated Google Workspace resources. The provisioned resources (e.g., Gmail, Drive account) are determined by the given user’s attributes within HelloID to consistently remain up-to-date.

These attributes may be natively managed within HelloID or synchronized from a connected source system (e.g., HR system). When HelloID detects changes to attributes, it automatically syncs and updates those changes throughout all connected systems and applications. Processes are automatic, consistent, and logged.

When employment ends or as updated attributes require, HelloID will automatically deactivate and revoke access to Google Workspace as configured.

Service Automation for User Self-Service

Outside of standard provisioning configurations, users may access HelloID’s Service Automation module to request access to additional resources from their dashboard. If approved by the associated “Product Owner,” HelloID processes all changes and provisioning needs.

With HelloID connected to Google Workspaces, an example of Service Automation’s benefits would be access requests for various Google Drive folders or Google Docs files.

Single Sign-On for Google Workplace

With the connector, users logged into HelloID do not need to authenticate again when accessing their Google Workspace environment. Your users’ Google Workspace resources, determined by their HelloID attributes, are accessible from their personalized dashboard for streamlined productivity.

Additional Connector Information

For a more technical overview of connecting Google Workspace with HelloID, please refer to the HelloID Docs site:

For additional information on how to connect Google Workspace to HelloID as a provisioning target, please refer to the following GitHub links: