Patient Engagement or Password Enragement?

If you’ve ever spent any time in a hospital or even a doctor’s office as a patient (and who hasn’t), you’ve no doubt experienced the frustration of watching your caregiver type away as you’re trying to explain what ails you. It’s only natural to wonder if they’re even listening to what you’re really saying. So much for patient engagement, right?
Unfortunately, in these days of high tech healthcare, this is not an uncommon concern of patients. More technology, more security requirements, more patients, the same 12 hours in a shift for caregivers. The math just doesn’t add up.

Add to that mix, the sheer frustration of a caregiver who’s maybe having a bad day and is having trouble even logging into the computer program they need to get to in order to document a visit. After all, with an average of 70 logins per day by the typical care provider, some requiring different user name and password combinations, you can see how this could really start to be frustrating for hospital staff. And, in fact, witnessing this could be even more painful than your ailment.

That’s why hospitals need streamlined single sign-on solutions like E-SSOM from Tools4Ever. With one login or even just the swipe of an access card, care providers can login and move from workstation to workstation seamlessly throughout their day. Systems like this that eliminate multiple logins and system access headaches can help care givers save 91 minutes a day. That’s a substantial amount of time out of a typical shift; time that could be spent focusing on patients for an improved patient experience.

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