No More Scripts: Easily Managing Student Accounts

Managing user accounts for students is becoming increasingly more difficult.  Depending on what systems the student is using, the user may need an account created and managed in many different systems. With both students and teachers having their information changed often, it is also very difficult to maintain accurate data throughout all systems as well.

It used to be possible to use a script once or twice a year to mass create accounts in active directory and other systems, however due to the large amount of data this is no longer possible.

An automated solution can help with these issues. It allows for easy account creation as well as keeping data synchronized between multiple systems. When accounts are created manually they often have missing information or errors.  Using an automated solution can minimize the amount of errors and missing information by directly connecting to a source system which stores all a user’s data.  The data in the source system is then synchronized between all connected systems being used so that there are no differences in any of the system.  If there was incorrect data in the source system that gets corrected, the automated solution will see the change in the data and update all systems accordingly.

Automated solutions can also assist in the creation of large amounts of accounts throughout multiple systems.  An automated solution can see that accounts need to be created and will create them across all systems necessary.  Also rather than purge accounts each year and recreate them, and automated system can update the correct student’s grade, school, organization unit, and group membership.

Overall an automated account management system can assist with the large amount of account management tasks that many schools need to complete, while also ensuring information is correct and the network is secure.

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