IAM Issues that Small Businesses Have

While often overlooked small businesses, like large organizations, frequently have numerous Identity and Access Management issues. These include ensuring security of systems and applications along with handling many password issues. Unlike large organizations though, they often do not have the staff and resources to easily handle these tasks, so they either go incomplete or require more time and money than necessary. The following are common password management issues that small businesses have and how IAM solutions can easily solve them:

  1. Employees, no matter what the size of the organization, often have many sets of credentials to login to their applications and perform their jobs. In order to remember multiple sets of credentials, they often write down their user names and passwords and store them somewhere by their desks.

An easy way for small business to reduce the headache of multiple passwords for their employees, as well as ensure the security of their systems is with a single sign on application. With an SSO solution, employees only have to remember one set of credentials. This allows them to enter their single user name and password one time and thereafter be automatically signed into all applications and systems once they are opened.

  1. Like larger organizations, small businesses often deal with sensitive data and information which needs to be kept secure. They often need to ensure that this information cannot easily be accessed by just anyone in the organization.

Many small businesses have solved this issue by implementing a single sign on solution in combination with two factor authentication. This allows small businesses to add another layer of security to systems and applications. Two factor authentication is used by requiring users to present a smart card as well as a PIN code. Two factor authentication can also be customized to the needs of the organization such as: having the computer to remember the PIN for a defined period of time or automatically closing all sessions on the computer after the smart card is removed. Each of these customizations adds additional security to the systems as well as improving efficiency for the user.

  1. When an employee forgets their password, or is locked out of an application, they need to go through the time consuming process of resetting their passwords. In a small business, there may not be a 24×7 help desk to call to resolve this issue. If there is a help desk or IT department, they might have a small staff, and focusing on password resets can take away from their time of focusing on other issues.

The IAM solution which can easily help with this issue is a self-service reset password solution. This allows end users to easily and securely reset their passwords themselves. Users simply register by providing answers to personal questions, much like a banking website. Then, when they need to reset their password, they simply click the “forgot my password” button, provide the correct answers and are able to reset their password without having to contact anyone else at the company.

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