IAM for Small & Large Orgs

In many cases, organizations have fairly large IT infrastructures, which can make it difficult to stay in compliance with numerous regulations. Businesses are required to keep a record of who did what and when. Without an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, this task can become extremely difficult and time consuming.

How can an Identity and Access Management solution be of assistance?

In an IAM environment corporations can manage user accounts, workflow management, auditing & compliance, password management, and so much more.

One advantage of an IAM solution is automatic user provisioning. This feature allows for a completely automated way to sync source system data with network based data, with an HR system often used as the source system. Some tasks that are performed with this method include; new employee creation, employee name change and department changes. Implementing automatic user provisioning results in a shorter timeframe for account creation and decreases the amount of errors with account provisioning.

Password Management is another important benefit of an IAM solution. It is reported that on average 25% of all calls to the help desk are for password related requests. Implementing a password management solution, like a self-service password reset can reduce calls to the help desk for reset requests up to 90%. Password Management also leads to a more secure way of establishing the end users identity, before a password reset is performed.

It is recommended for any company having to work with SOX, HIPAA, SEC and GLBA to investigate an Identity and Access Management environment. In addition to ease of use and additional security, some software such as self-service password reset solutions, can allow for standard management reports to be generated. This will allow you to stay in compliance with several rules and regulations, and avoid penalties.

If you think an Identity and Access Management environment is right for your business, learn more.

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