IAM for Law Organizations

Account and password management issues can affect every industry including the law sector. Law firms can benefit greatly from account and access management solutions as practices often deal with and handle highly sensitive client data, which needs to be kept secure. Law firms also face much movement as employees and contracted help with the many tedious tasks of cases and litigation in practices from less experienced employees.

It is a common occurrence in a practice that interns from college or junior associates are asked to help sort out information or files of large cases and also perform research. These employees often are given limited access to systems to help with the tasks. With the frequent movement of these types of employees, it can be difficult and time consuming to deal with their accounts and access, while still ensuring they only have access to the information that they should.

Another major issue law firms face is ensuring that access to client information is secure. There are many confidentiality laws that attorneys must adhere to, including the most known, the attorney client privilege. Law firms need to ensure that the information that their client shares with them is secure. This is why it is extremely important that no one can access this data that should not. Access rights are often overlooked or are not correct. For example, an employee that starts as an intern, moves up to a junior position, passes the bar and then is a full-time employee all require different access rights to different systems and applications. When that employee leaves the firm, revoking access rights is often overlooked since this needs to be done manually.

Automation can help with this situation. It can allow a manager to easily enter all employee information into a source system, check off which applications they need access to and the accounts are automatically created. They also can generate a report to easily see who has access rights to which systems, and make corrections, if needed, to ensure, for example, that an intern doesn’t accidently have access to secure client data. Then when an employee is no longer with the firm, a manager can disable the account in the source system, and all connected accounts are automatically disabled, so that former employees can no longer access data.

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