Account Management: Creating & Disabling Issues

By: Jay Palmer

Did you know that 58% of companies take more than 24 hours to de-provision employees from the active directory?i Can you imagine what damage can be done by a malicious ex-employee? Are patient/client records safe? Many companies don’t realize that there is a simple solution to easily mitigate this issue.

By automating the entire AD lifecycle—from creation to deletion—you dictate how and where your companies critical information can be used thus minimizing the chance of abuse. This type of solution can manage windows and the Active Directory user account and authorization processes, in addition to offering delegation of user account management and compliance with user monitoring and reporting.

On the other hand, how many of your employees are hired, show up on their first day and don’t have access to the systems they need to get their job done? How many employees are transferred or promoted and when they are ready to proceed with their new duties can’t access the basic tools required of the new position? Utilizing an account management solution eliminates those last minute help desk tickets needed to fix these foreseeable issues increasing the productivity and efficiency of all your employees.

With an ever growing reliance on technology to assist client and employee relations it’s just good business to have the tools needed to accomplish it at high level.

Learn more about how automating the account management process can be beneficial.

i. Aberdeen Research Brief

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