Access Request Forms – Simplified with Automation

When a new employee joins an organization, providing the appropriate network access for their new role can be a tedious task. Many organizations manually compile a printed document detailing the new employees’ role and network access requirements. This process can take a great deal of time, leaving the new employee idle not able to begin work.

This printed document is often passed across numerous employees as it goes through one or more levels of approval. Once approved, it is passed to a technician for processing and then back to the hiring manager. There are many instances in which the hiring manager may require an update regarding their request. Locating the status of the request may require numerous calls or emails which equate to lost productivity hours.

These paper trails can also leave you vulnerable to data breach. An example of this was seen when the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency accidentally leaked a password on television. A Post-It note with password information was stuck to a computer and visible in the footage. For more information on this breach, please refer to the article ‘Password Protection and Helpdesk Workload Relief‘.

Workflow management software is a simple solution which streamlines the process and is customizable to suite any organization’s needs. The hiring manager select the required resources for the new employee via the workflow management web interface. The resources and approvers can easily be defined in advance and modified via the administrator interface as needed. Based on the resource selection made, an email notification is sent to each resource approver advising them of the pending request. The approver logs into the web interface to review any pending requests. Once the request has been reviewed and approved, it is immediately processed and the require network access is granted.

In cases when request is denied, the hiring manager is notified via email along with the denial reason. At any point within the process, the hiring manager and employee can see the current status of the request along. In cases when an approver is out of the office, they can delegate their requests to another employee within the organization. In addition, the Workflow Management interface retains all historical data for auditing needs.

This process ensures that accounts are created quickly, allowing employees to begin work on their first day. By using workflow management for access and account provisioning, the days of dated manual paper processes are gone. If you’d like to know more about Workflow Management, here is a useful video detailing Tools4ever’s Workflow Management product.

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