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How HelloID Can Improve Your Organization’s Security

HelloID was created with the objective of simplifying an organization’s access and approval processes, offering a large selection of features including: single sign on, authentication policies, "Service Automation" (self-service), provisioning, and more. All of HelloID’s capabilities are designed to increase security, enhance user experience, and take pressure off of the IT department.

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Why You Need to Ditch Manual Provisioning

As much as the road less traveled often builds character, who would actually prefer the long and winding path over a quick and painless shortcut? Whether you recognize it or not, we have all been given shortcuts to make our daily lives easier...

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Microsoft’s March 2020 LDAP Update Does Not Affect Tools4ever Integrations

In August 2019, Microsoft discovered “a set of unsafe default configurations for LDAP channel binding and LDAP signing [that] exist on Active Directory Domain Controllers”. This lets LDAP clients communicate with the AD Domain Controller without enforcing the proper channel binding or signing, which opens up security vulnerabilities. The primary takeaway for Tools4ever’s clients is that our integrations will not be affected by the update.

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