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HelloID for the 'Non-Techspert'

Do you ever find yourself nodding along when it comes to technology but not really knowing the in’s and out’s of what’s being said? The challenge (and beauty) of technology is that the second your up to date, your information is old and has since evolved once again. As a marketer with a relatively good proficiency for all things tech, I still find myself a little lost when it comes to the manifold of tech terms. Thus, I have decided to take on the challenge of translating ‘techspertise’ into simple human language. The chosen product to decipher is the latest ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ solution from Tools4ever, HelloID.

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Single Sign On

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Advanced Authentication Methods

In the ever-evolving world of technology, which seems to permeate most aspects of our modern lives, the threat of data breaches is also ever evolving. Even though the internet, and networking in general, is in its infancy relative to our society, the forces that shape our technological landscape are moving quickly, and those who see fit to exploit the weaknesses inherent in such a landscape are just one-step behind -or sometimes, they may be one-step ahead.

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Authentication Management

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How can an IAM solution be set up to assist with student account management?

At the end of every school year you likely find yourself running a custom script or manually disabling or deleting all users who have graduated. Then you also have to do the same for creating accounts for incoming students. This might not be too difficult for student accounts in active directory, but when you have multiple systems involved it can be quite difficult to create a scrip to create or purge accounts.

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