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Why Organizations Need Automated Reporting

In all organizations, data is kept on file servers throughout the network. Access to this data can often be messy and unstructured after years of granting and revoking access to different users. This unstructured data brings with it a level of risk in terms of adhering to compliance and audits. A risk that is often overlooked when assessing the need for access transparency is corporate reputation. We have seen major companies such as Yahoo, Equifax, Target, eBay, and many more, experience data breaches in front of their worldwide audience. Regaining trust from consumers after mishandling their private information is a tough feat and an easily avoidable one with the correct tools in place.

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Reduce Account Errors Through Automation

Johnny just started his new nursing job on Monday. He was given the tour of the facility, shown where the medicines are located, where out-patient is, what to do when a new patient arrives, what forms need to be filled out, what steps to take when processing a new request, what systems to log-into when requesting information or medication and how to close out a patients’ case upon discharge. A few days later when he was finally on his own it came time for him to do it himself, he tried to log-in to the EMR system, ERP system, and other various applications was getting the same error message, user not found please create your new account.

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Patient Engagement or Password Enragement?

If you’ve ever spent any time in a hospital or even a doctor’s office as a patient (and who hasn’t), you’ve no doubt experienced the frustration of watching your caregiver type away as you’re trying to explain what ails you. It’s only natural to wonder if they’re even listening to what you’re really saying. So much for patient engagement, right?

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