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6 Things You Can do to Prevent Breaches

If You’re Havin’ Data Problems, We Feel Bad For You 99 Problems and a Breach Ain’t One When it comes to data breaches and hacking, Hollywood has conditioned us to envision the most ambitious targets of international mega-corporations’ intellectual property, government intelligence, or massive theft from financial institutions. But your school district has some pretty important Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored for students and staff– and it likely requires less to access than Tom Cruise suspended from the server-room ceiling.

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Balancing simple access with robust security

The days of securing a computer, application or website with a basic username and password are long gone. Hackers are more sophisticated than ever and the value of data is on the rise. To this end, advanced authentication, or multi-factor authentication, is becoming the norm. Advanced authentication adds an additional layer of security to the standard username and password, which is needed not only to protect data, but also to comply with strict regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX and FERPA, to name but a few.

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Authentication Management

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Risky Business: Overcoming Onboarding Exposure (Explicitly, Perilous Passwords)

Few everyday technology interactions get on people’s nerves quite as much as the dreaded “Password Expired” notification. It is bad enough having to remember all of your passwords before having to change it up with a new value or a slightly different version of an older one – “Was it Brutus#341, Brutu$452?, or Brutus3#$!?”

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