Professional Consultancy and Support Services facilitate rapid implementations.

Professional Services

At Tools4ever, we know that our products are only as good as our people who implement them. That’s why we employ a team of highly-qualified IT professionals to assist with IGA implementations around the globe. These consultants have tremendous knowledge and experience with the Tools4ever product suite and are able to put that knowledge to work for our clients.


The key to any successful implementation is making sure the software is set it up correctly from the very beginning. Tools4ever's experienced consultants are at your service to configure your Identity Governance & Administration solution in accordance with the needs and requirements of your organization. Our experienced consultants offer support for:

Implementation Consultancy
Tools4ever delivers a complete solution in just months rather than years. With a direct, straight-forward, phased approach, our technology experts can get your organization started using our Identity Governance & Administration solution quickly, so that you can start seeing greater efficiencies in less time.

Our implementation consultants are multidisciplinary, results-oriented, and unrivalled in their ability to translate your existing organizational processes into an automated, technical solution. Despite the often complex, heterogeneous network environments, with which many connections must be made between a diversity of systems, our consultants will create a configuration which matches the current working methods and automates inefficient manual processes.

Project Management
Tools4ever understands that many stakeholders and systems are involved in the implementation of an Identity Governance & Administration solution. Coordination is key. We work in tandem with our clients throughout the implementation's execution, providing best-practice guidance for the most efficient project management.

Access Governance
Creating an authorization model to provide role-based access can be a complex task, but Tools4ever consultants will assist security officers in managing this critical part of the process using a proven step-by-step plan. This plan includes: clustering groups of employees, determining business roles and establishing authorizations for them. 

Business Consultancy
Automating the inflow, progression and outflow processes using an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution affects the existing operational processes of any organization. The information which guides IGA must fulfill specific conditions (including being up-to-date, complete and correct). Our consultants will provide guidance to those in your organization to ensure that the quality of the information meets these conditions.

Upon request, Tools4ever can provide a variety of training sessions for those teams whose work processes will change as a result of the implementation. For instance, we offer training to ensure that the application administrator knows how to correctly manage the software; training for security officers as they learn how to maintain the chosen model. We also offer training for end users. The bottom line is, our consultants are there to make sure we not only design and install a system to meet your needs, but also that your teams are fully prepared to use this new robust set of IGA automation tools when it's all said and done.


The Tools4ever support team is available to answer questions about the installations in your network, product enhancements or modifications, licenses, product specifications and more. Tools4ever team members are not faceless entities; they are your direct contacts to answer your pre- and post-sale questions.

We believe all of our clients deserve top tier support otherwise, what’s the point? We encourage our customers to contact us and we don’t charge outrageous amounts for the “privilege” of that top tier support.

Our teams are directly accessible via email or phone:

East Coast: E-mail, Phone 866.482.4414
West Coast: E-mail, Phone 888.770.4242