SSRPM Saving the Helpdesk Time

Forgetting a password can be quite an ordeal without a self-service reset system in place. You have to call the help desk, provide your information, wait for a ticket to be created, be assisted by the next available agent or at times you may have to wait for a call back. Where this gets even more difficult is at off peak times when the helpdesk is closed and you need to regain access. You may have to wait hours or at times, days, to have your reset initiated, all the while the user is unproductive.  

On average, a typical helpdesk can handle enough issues (tickets) to keep everyone on staff occupied therefore making minor issues, such as a simple password reset, a longer than needed experience for the end users. Helpdesks face high priority tasks on a daily basis that need to take place such has software upgrades, software compliancy that need to be in place, and inventory, that depending on the size of the organization or school, can be a grueling time consuming process which can be even more daunting when having to juggle minor tasks that need to be done with the same level of professionalism as high priory tasks.  Luckily, for helpdesks, there is a simple solution that can be utilized to make these minor issues a thing of the past.

With Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM), we can eliminate the issue of password reset requests. By leading the end-user to a website, or the new mobile app, and allowing them to reset their own password, helpdesk overload is massively reduced. It also makes the user more productive as they instantly can regain access by answering a few predefined challenge questions to ensure their identity and in turn, security. This gives IT helpdesks more time to focus on higher priority tasks instead of tedious and repetitive reset requests.

If the end-user is not able to reach the internet for some reason, there are also options to allow the user to click a link on the workstation itself and answer their security questions to reset their password.

By implementing SSRPM to assist with password resets, admins can customize settings for different profiles or OU’s. Therefore, in a university environment for example, staff and students can receive different questions to answer, or the number of questions that are required to answer may differ.

In short, simple implementation of SSRPM can free up helpdesk resources massively and make users more productive. 

How a simple solution can allow Education entities to provide a better education to their students

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Password Management in School, Single Sign- On, SSO in education

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