Securely access your digital world from one convenient dashboard, with just a single logon.

Can “Enterprise” be user-friendly?

Yes it can.


All the cool features in the world aren’t worth much unless they’re easy to use. HelloID gives your organization’s users access to all of their applications, no matter where they are. Users can easily search, filter, and categorize to meet their individual needs.


With greater ease comes a greater need for security. HelloID has that covered with its adaptive multifactor authentication. Provide more challenges for someone outside of your network and fewer for someone inside, block access outside business hours, and so much more.

Secure Dashboard

Access all of your applications from one secure dashboard. With a single click, users are logged into their applications without needing to enter their credentials.

Multifactor Authentication

Add another layer of security to your portal and your applications. From smart devices to affordable hardware tokens, HelloID has you covered at no extra cost.

Cutting Edge & Legacy Under One Roof

HelloID supports all major SSO protocols, letting you connect all of your latest cloud applications. Legacy applications can be accessed through a Citrix interface for backward compatibility.

Easy to Use

One set of strong credentials is all you need to access your apps—no need to remember twenty different passwords!

Improved Productivity

Log in to HelloID and get to work right away with streamlined access to everything you need.

Advanced Authentication

Confirm your identity with your personal device or an affordable hardware token.

Simplified Access

Usernames and passwords aren’t for everyone—configure QR Code logins for those that need it.

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Case Studies

“I have never worked with a company so dedicated to their customers as Tools4ever. They exemplify how all businesses should employ customer service relations.”

Marty Oliver, Technology Director at Godley ISD

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