Connector with Windows

Connection to Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, NT

Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers complete user account management within Windows. IAM makes it possible to create user accounts in compliance with the rules of Windows. User Account names are thus unique and meet the user name policies (length, etc.) of Windows. The same applies to passwords. The generated password meets the set password complexity rules of Windows. If required, also the rights group memberships and/or authorizations can be assigned and managed.

The changes are made via native interface calls to Windows or through open standards like LDAP, SSH, REXEC, SH, SOAP, etc. Tools4ever has completed different interface types for Windows which are readily available.


In addition to managing user accounts (create, modify and delete) and rights IAM offers numerous reporting functions. The connection includes comprehensive reporting of available user accounts and associated settings of rights within Windows.

Connection to HR system

Managing user accounts within Windows is greatly simplified by this connection from IAM. IAM provides an interface to delegate to the service and/or helpdesk so that non-skilled IT employees can take over the user account management from expensive and busy system administrators. It is even possible to largely automate user management by connecting to an HR system (AFAS Profit, PeopleSoft, SAP HCM, PMS, Oracle HR, etc.). Changes in the HR system are automatically detected by IAM and translated into user account changes in Windows.