Connector with SAP HR/HCM

SAP/Active Directory Integration in IAM

Many organizations use SAP software to optimize their business processes. In most instances they use various different SAP systems. Workforce changes — because of a new office, a departmental change, a new job title or departures — may in turn result in changes to the various systems.

The costs alone (license management) make it important to implement these changes in a complete and timely fashion. But manual implementation of these changes in the SAP systems can be extremely complex and expensive. And you may not always be notified of these changes in good time (security, license management). Integrating SAP with your Active Directory tools can help mitigate these issues and provide more convenient, cost-effective service.

IAM-Connector for SAP

Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers you the ability of automating user account management for SAP and integrating it with your Active Directory processes. For instance, you can start integrating in SAP-HRM. Changes in the SAP-HRM system will then automatically trigger changes across the network (Active Directory, Exchange, etc.) as well as in other SAP systems (user facilities, functionality assignment etc.). IAM offers the same features found in the SAP SU01 (user management) application, and it supports central user management.

Seamless Integration with SAP

For integration with SAP, IAM leverages SAP's existing RFC modules. So no technical modifications are required for any SAP system, and the integration will be ready in just a couple of days. The bottom line: a costly and complex SAP Active Directory integration is not necessary!