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Integrating HelloID with your HR and SIS software to create a seamless process between HR and IT is excellent ROI. No more emails, printed forms, or last-minute phone calls. Instead, solve this outdated manual process with easy-to-use business rules that guarantee the correct user permissions on day one. Save time and money by automating user provisioning with HelloID.

Connecting with HR and SIS

HelloID redefines your human capital management by securely syncing your HR and SIS systems account data to your network and downstream applications, building a powerful automated identity management solution. By integrating our comprehensive software, you’ll enhance efficiency, productivity, and security.

Provisioning Made Simple

By converting to an automated account lifecycle management solution, the time wasted on manual provisioning is eliminated. The red tape that frequently holds up HR and administration duties transforms into an instantaneous syncing solution that increases productivity and reduces errors such as permission bloating and orphaned accounts.

User Account Lifecycle Management

Rapid new account creation with the right permissions on Day 1.

User Changes
Any staff and student changes in your HR and SIS software are detected and implemented on a scheduled basis.

When staff and students depart, all resources and permissions are accurately revoked.

Service Automation

Automated provisioning delivers all the resources that you can anticipate ahead of time. But sometimes, staff and students need access to resources that differ from standard profiles. That often includes waiting and adding more work to HR and administration, as well as IT departments. Through HelloID’s Service Automation module, users can instantly request access through their dashboard for approval. Additionally, IT departments can utilize delegated forms and workflows to simplify approvals and other time-consuming tasks. Another example of automating manual processes.

Rapid request & approval
  Delegated Forms and workflows
  All requests tracked and logged

See how HelloID can make the most of your
HR and SIS software and save you hours in provisioning time.

HelloID’s integration can be taken as a whole, or you can choose the modules your business needs.
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Further secure and verify sensitive information
  Password Management
Ensure time isn’t wasted by network red tape
  Departures / Offboarding
Protect resource access and keep user accounts current

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Eliminating time spent on onboarding and offboarding procedures, minimizing access bloating, and syncing information to remain current translates into dollars saved. Rather than staff and students being held up by red tape or waiting for appropriate permission, they can perform their job without pause. HelloID, when integrated with your human resources software and student information system, not only improves efficiency and productivity, it enhances the staff and student experience with the systems used for success. Time saved is dollars kept.




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