Waxahachie ISD

Waxahachie Independent School District is a rapidly growing 4-A school district located in Texas. The district encompasses 13 different schools and ranks among the top of their peers in academics, athletics, and fine arts.

Currently, the district has over 8,000 students and 1,100 staff members, which in turn made their manual account and password management extremely overwhelming and tedious. “The manual process of keeping up with creating user accounts and deleting employees who resigned, terminated or retired was a headache for us,” said Robert Keith, Director of Technology at Waxahachie ISD. The IT department had to dedicate one full time employee for three months in the beginning of each school year to ensure that all new and existing user accounts were accurate, and that old Active Directory and storage accounts were being properly deleted. This left them short a network engineer during an extremely busy time of the school year.

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