Valley View ISD

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Valley View ISD encompasses roughly 10 square miles of Hidalgo, TX along the southeast Rio Grande, and serves 5,500 students and staff across 8 schools: 2 High Schools (1 Early College Campus), a Junior High School, a 5th grade school, and 4 Elementary Schools.

Prior to discovering Tools4ever, Valley View was already implementing a solution to automate account creation and lifecycle processes. Manual management had been preventing their capable IT team from addressing other needs, such as upkeep and replacement of other technological resources: “The district was investing too much time and human capital in our technical team to create accounts versus maximizing their talent and utilizing them for things that have high-impact, high-visibility at the district level,” said Valley View’s IT Director, Jorge Martinez. “If you do the math in hours and the daily rate they get, there was too much money going down the drain for just account creation.”

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