Tangipahoa Parish School District

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The district has a large number of faculty and students and a small IT department. The frequent movement of users makes account management difficult.

Tools4ever’s UMRA relieves Tangipahoa School District from the headache of Account Management

Tangipahoa Parish School District is located in Louisiana and encompasses 37 schools ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. The large district consists of over 4,000 employees and 19,000 students which made their database very difficult for the small IT department to manage. This situation was made even more problematic because many of the schools are only 2 grade levels, resulting in frequent movement of students. Each student and employee also needs to be placed in the appropriate security group in order to access the resources which they require. This is especially important for employees who need to access documents and software to perform their jobs. Due to many problems they were facing, the district realized they needed to find a more efficient solution and began to look for a product to automate the process.

Tools4ever immediately stood out to Tangipahoa among all other vendors. Mike Diaz assistant Director of Technology said, “Tools4ever seemed very hands on and proactive about the entire solution.” The project needed to implement many changes to the over 23,000 user accounts and had to be completed before the beginning of the school year. Tools4ever met this goal and exceeded the schools expectations. “We flipped a switch and haven’t turned it off since. The changes were incredible,” stated Diaz.

“Once someone sees what the software does they are pretty much sold on it. UMRA is the best purchase I have made in the 11 years I have been with the district.”

Mike Diaz, Tangipahoa Parish Schools Assistant Director of Technology

Improved Efficiency of User Management

With UMRA, the Human resource department is now able to make all the changes to accounts in one step and the updates are made in all other appropriate systems. Previously the Technology, HR, Payroll and Student Information departments were all making their own changes which made it difficult to communicate who was doing what. Diaz commented, “User management consisted of putting out fires until someone couldn’t access what they needed because they were in the wrong user group. Now we don’t have to do that anymore because we know it is right.” HR is now the only department that creates updates or disables student and employee accounts and this makes the process easy and efficient.

Major Time Savings

With only one department handling accounts, there has been a major reduction in time for account management overall. “It’s 100% hands off for the Technology Department now for user management”, said Diaz. Though HR is handling all of account management, they only enter the information once and don’t alter it frequently after that. With the time saved on user management, the technology department can now focus on other areas such as classroom technology. “Just having user management done once and done correctly has allowed us to expand what we’re doing educationally.”

The district now plans to implement other identity management solutions from Tools4ever, such as Password Synch Manager for ensuring passwords are the same across several systems. “Once someone sees what the software does they are pretty much sold on it. UMRA is the best purchase I have made in the 11 years I have been with the district”, Mr. Diaz concluded.

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