SSRPM Onboarding & Account Claiming

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Download this flyer to learn more about how SSRPM’s Account Claiming module both secures and streamlines your new user onboarding process—one of the most overlooked security vulnerabilities in many organizations.

What is Onboarding & Account Claiming?

The term onboarding refers to the process of getting a new hire up to speed on organizational processes, policies, positional resources, and culture. However, the transfer of new user credentials to access these resources is one of the largest vulnerabilities that exist in any organization’s security. Tools4ever’s SSRPM software protects this process without major IT overhauls.

How does it benefit my organization?

  • Remove the difficulties and delays caused by manually managing user accounts
  • Minimize errors caused by human vulnerability
  • Onboard employees from their logon screen with the SSRPM desktop client, or from any web-enabled device
The Onboarding Process Infographic

Account Claiming

Account Claiming is a module of the SSRPM software which plugs the security gap undermining your onboarding processes, transferring accounts and credentials to new users.

How does it benefit my organization?

  • Improve security by eliminating the need to send out new user passwords
  • Identify new employees with predetermined data points
  • Automatically enroll new employees into SSRPM during the onboard process
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